Ron Stallworth: Inside a Black Man’s Mind

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News, tips and advice from the Quill and Scroll International Honor Society Written by Quill and Scroll journalist Nichole Shaw Quill and Scroll spoke to Ron Stallworth, a retired police officer and author on Jan. 23 to tell us his story…

Media Ethics Workshop Storify

[View the story "Media Ethics Workshop — ICKES" on Storify] [View the story "Media Ethics Workshop - PIPPIN" on Storify]

EchoXtra Reunion Videos

Journalism Teaches Skills for Success Freedom Trilogy  Video 1: Journalism Engages Thinkers  Video 2: Journalism Activates Citizens  Video 3: Journalism Develops Leaders

2015 Quill and Scroll Scholarship Recipients Announced

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After a competitive application process, six incoming college freshmen were awarded Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society scholarships for studies in journalism or communications. The recipients of the George and Ophelia Gallup…

Q&A: Advisers, why do you do what you do? By Mark Newton, JEA President

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In his Fall 2012 JEA Column of Quill & Scroll magazine, Mark Newton shared his joys as a journalism adviser. He also shared those of other journalism teachers: I love watching students carry real, honest and important conversations onto…

Quill and Scroll Students on the Road

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[tube][/tube] Watch Quill and Scroll students share their experiences when they take the show on the road.

Tom French Interview

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[tube][/tube] Adding narrative writing techniques will increase reader interest, as well as strengthen journalistic writing. Tom…

Burning Questions about Blogs

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David Schwartz Executive Director Iowa High School Press Association If we’re going to write a column about blogging, let’s first address a burning issue: Nobody knows, exactly, what blogging is. Or rather, everybody knows what it is,…

Attract Readers to Your Blog

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Do you know how many people are visiting your blog? Here are ways to get your blog known and increase your readership. Make your blog public In setting up your blog’s preferences, be sure your blog is checked as public. That means the…

Get Into the Game!

Video Gaming Popularity Grows, Generating Interest in Reviews. Jayson Gegner Video Game Reviewer and University of Iowa Graduate “Do what you love.” “Better late than never.” “Get your foot in the door.” These idioms appear…