Gallup Awarded to Nine Schools
in News Media Evaluations

Fifteen others honored with International First Place awards 

Judges have named eight schools as The George H. Gallup Award winners in the 2023 Quill and Scroll News Media Evaluation Service.

Named for the founder of Quill and Scroll and the Gallup Poll, the award is given only to those publications that achieved and sustained excellence during the 2022-2023 academic year. Gallup Award recognition is based on extraordinary improvement, exceptional service to the school and community, editorial campaigns and in-depth reporting on special issues.

International First Place Award recognition went to 15 schools. The International Second Place Award was awarded to two schools.

Gallup Awards


Athens — Clarke Central High School, Odyseey
An Odyssey of their own feature shows how much being part of OMG positively affected former students, which is a testament to the program. Journalism offers many transferable skills for those who wish to go into other industries, and as Kennae Hunter indicated, participation in high school journalism is a great way for students to rise above their collegiate competition.”


Saint Charles — Francis Howell North High School, FHN Today
“The visual personality of the Messenger is professional and controlled, from typography to headline/deck packages, to illustrations and photos. The design structures are reader-friendly and attractive and never take attention away from the coverage.”
Chesterfield — Marquette High School, The Messenger
The Messenger includes a wide range of coverage, including stories about regional or national issues that have been localized to the school. … Editorially, it seems there is a push to keep coverage student-focused, with the latitude to write stories like the recycle story, that branch into a broader issue with a clear focus on how students may interact with that issue on campus.
Nixa — Nixa High School, Wingspan
Wingspan celebrates successes, like the new performing arts center and the passing of a bond issue that means much-needed construction at Nixa High School. At the same time, stories in every issue focus on legitimate concerns, like getting quality sleep, feeling overworked, and affording prom attire, along with the very real mental health struggles that all students face today.


Las Vegas — Southwest Career and Technical Academy, The Southwest Shadow
“The Southwest Shadow online news program [is] excellent. Great leadership. Great advising. Great dedication by editors and staff. They all add up to make the site plus social media one of the best programs I have run across.


Liberty Township — Lakota East High School, Spark
“You provide a service to your readers but also to the wider scholastic journalism community by showing the power of student voices. You also successfully combine the power of the word with the power of the visual in a way that seeks to create a cohesive message both verbally and visually.”


Austin — MacCallum High School, The Shield
The staff has rebalanced itself to create more room for online and social media presence, has revamped the process by which staff editorials are written, placed a focus on including photography, has established themes for each edition, and has improved and diversified design by looking to award-winning newspapers as models and having editors produce master classes based on those editions as inspiration.


McLean — McLean High School, The Highlander News
The writing is consistently good. In all sections, stories have a clear thruline, and the writing clearly moves from one point to the next. Sourcing is consistently solid, and it is clear the students are thoughtful when selecting quotes to include in their stories. Based on the description of the editing process each story goes through, the students work hard to ensure accuracy and integrity in every story.

International First Place


Arcadia — Arcadia High School


Greenwood — Greenwood Community High School

Munster — Munster High School


Sterling Heights — Adlai E. Stevenson High School


New Hope — Robbinsdale Cooper High School

Stillwater — Stillwater Area High School


St. Louis — Ritenour High School

Webster Groves — Webster Groves High School

New York

Port Washington — Paul D. Schreiber High School


Tualatin — Tualatin High School


Altoona — Altoona Area High School


Kingwood — Kingwood Park High School

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. — Georgetown Day School


Stoughton — Stoughton High School

International Second Place


Bradenton — Bayshore High School


St. Louis — Parkway North High School