The Q&S award inspired me to attend the University of Tennessee instead of my hometown Tennessee Tech, which had a more limited communications program. And the rest is history.

Not only is it great to receive the pins and the cord for graduation, I really enjoy being around a group of journalists who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. The projects that we create through the Quill and Scroll chapter at my school have done a great job of helping people around the community.

I was inducted into Q&S in 1968, and later advised for 30 years. My favorite moment was always the candlelight ceremony and lighting the Candle of Truth. Students would giggle a bit… how hokey, right? But as they stood before proud parents, and repeated the vows, there was something real there.

Proudest moment of my high school career: Nominated and accepted into Quill & Scroll at Triadelphia High School, Wheeling W.V., 1956.

It is nice to have a place for members of our journalism program to have a place together to pursue more specific journalism-related endeavors.

I was inducted in Quill and Scroll in 1960. I was feature editor of our school newspaper and editor-in-chief of our literary magazine. I remember the ceremony and the pride of my journalism teacher and adviser who happened to be my mother’s sister! I still have my pin as a charm on my charm bracelet. In those days it was solid gold!

When I was inducted in 1994, I was proud to know my mom had been a member in her high school days before me. As an adviser now, inducting my own students for the past 18 years, I watch them take pride knowing the rich tradition and what it means to do such important work in the interests of truth, service and integrity. They get asked about their Q&S cord at graduation, and I love watching them explain what it means and how they earned it.

I had excellent educators in the varied English curricula. They taught me to read for comprehension and how to apply that to news articles so that readers would find the pertinent issues in a news piece. Of course, we were doing print media then … with galley proofs and all!

My favorite memory of high school journalism was being on the yearbook committee. It is awesome to be good at what you do. It’s even better to share your talent with the people around you. I can honestly say that my skills as a high school journalist helped me tremendously with creating my own writing style. Your writing style is like a fingerprint, nobody shares the same style. Your writing style displays your uniqueness and highlights your talent as a writer.