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Covering the Middle East

While it’s a tough lesson, there’s a lot of talk about truth in the news coming out of the Middle East. Several news organizations and Columbia Journalism Review have addressed this as well. For an activity (or even a lesson plan) you could ask the students to pull up the following links that address this. […]

Staff Policies

Examining policy and guidelines: With all the recent buzz about AI use and guidelines in student media, it’s a great time to craft this one and even revisit some of the more used guidelines for your school. A great starting point would be to talk to your student editors about what they have relied on […]

Student Press Rights

Revisiting or learning about seven court key cases about student free press As part of its Constitution Day release, the Student Press Law Center identified seven foundational Supreme Court cases instrumental in today’s landscape. Each of these cases have a small summary and key takeaway. One easy way to use this as a chapter activity […]