Oct. 9, 2023

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Story accuses Liberty University of underreporting crime

It’s a great time to educate those with postsecondary pursuits about possible questions, research prior to campus visit

Liberty University, a private Christian University in Virginia, failed to notify students about threats to their safety and underreported crime statistics according to a story in the Washington Post.

Liberty University has touted itself as one of the nation’s safest campuses. However, in the Post report, Liberty discouraged the reporting of crimes and couldn’t provide campus crime basic documentation. According to the Washington Post story, it also didn’t notify students of gas leaks, bomb threats and repeated acts of sexual violence.

One allegation is concerns the reporting of sexual assault cases after Liberty settles a civil lawsuit after 12 women said the school mishandled sexual assault and harrassment instances and allowing an unsafe environment. The women added Liberty’s honor code made it challenging to report sexual violence and that most of the investigations favored the male students named. Some of the women said the university then retaliated against those who reported the instances.

Last year, the Department of Education stated it was reviewing Liberty’s compliance with the Clery Act, which is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to report crime statistics.

What you can do —

There’s so much here.

First and foremost, show those pursuing a postsecondary education how to access crime statistics for the schools in which they are applying. While all schools have crime on campus, some are much worse than others. It’s a great way to get the feel for how comfortable one might be in certain circumstances. It could also lead to some great questions during a college visit such as availability for rides especially at night, locations to safely lock a bike — as well as a great reminder not to allow others in the building as you enter. 

Of particular note, coverage on the double standard of reporting would also be applicable. It might be a great time to examine what happens when this type of crime is reported at your school.


Climate change may be impacting amphibians right outside your back door

Localize what this loss could do to your local environment by talking to local experts

The status of amphibians globally has been majorly impacted by climate change according to a study found in the journal Nature. The study found that amphibians may be the most threatened class of vertebrates globally. Amphibians are especially vulnerable because they are cold-blooded and don’t have scales, feathers or hair, which means they are susceptible to small changes in temperature.

What you can do —

It’s a great time to localize climate change and see what amphibians live in your area and what the loss of frogs, toads, Salamanders, news and other amphibians could impact your local environment. Some of these sources might be just down the hall at school. Talk to your biology teachers, local naturalists and even climatologists about what is happening in your area.

What’s viral

Coffee trend in … Britain?

Examine favorite spots teens go to get their morning cup

The New York Times has reported that according to a recent report those in the U.K. may be drinking more coffee now than tea.

What you can do —

Why not take the time to examine where students go and what they order at their favorite places? With it being October, you also could highlight the special pumpkin-laden offerings of these shops.

A great entertainment feature would be to highlight these drinks, review them (with ratings) and discuss the best and not-so-great parts. WIth all that, make sure to include where they can get these and how much the drinks are. 

If the content is online, consider adding an interactive map of the places you are including in the reviews.


It’s always membership season

Don’t forget you can nominate members year round

Our fall order season has begun. Don’t be left out in the cold. Nominate students for membership order pins, cords and other Quill and Scroll materials and memorabilia.

We haven’t changed the ordering process from last year. For those wanting to ditch the paper version, you just need to select the form based on how you would like to pay. We have one version for credit card and another version for check or purchase order. (We’ve added buttons for ease of finding these.) As usual, credit card payments are charged $4.49 per order for processing. 

> Start the process here.

YEC entries out to judges

Anticipated award release date is mid-November

The 2023 Yearbook Excellence Contest is now closed for entries and is out to the judges. 

Judges will award first, second and third places in each category for each class, and they’ll award honorable mentions so that between 10 and 15 percent of all entries are recognized in every category. All students named as award recipients will be eligible to apply for Quill and Scroll student scholarships in May of their senior year.

Quill and Scroll administrators will then tally points (5 for first place, 4 for second, 3 for third and 1 for HM) to determine a Blue and Gold Award winner for each class. Last year’s winners were Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (Class A) and Christ Presbyterian Academy of Nashville, Tennessee (Class B).

Here’s a complete list of last year’s winners.

We anticipate releasing the results by mid-November.

Special thanks to Balfour, Herff Jones, Jostens and Walsworth for again sponsoring the Yearbook Excellence Contest.

All entrants have now been sent a confirmation email. If you didn’t get one, you or your students have not shared it at the correct address. (We’ve had several sending these to emails that don’t exist because of clerical errors on their part.) Please share the spreadsheet by end of day Monday with [email protected].

Plan for upcoming awards

Yes, we just finished getting in our Yearbook Excellence Contest entries and it’s time to start the process for our Writing, Photo and Multimedia Awards. This contest will be available starting mid to late November and all entries and payments will be due Feb. 2.

So, start thinking about what you want to enter. We will publish the categories on our website in the next month.

Just a thought

Our first Student Advisory Board meeting happened Monday.

It’s such a great group. They asked questions, clarified content and are already working on seeing their ideas to fruition. While the majority were able to attend, several who were unable to be at the first meeting quickly contacted me about what they had missed.

As a group we look forward to hosting a collaboration forum, planning activities and creating content to help chapters across the United States. We will soon release the date and information of our first Student Collaboration event, which is hosted by the students for students on a pertinent topic.

Thank you to the advisers who encouraged their students to join. It truly is an honor to work with this group!

— Lori Keekley