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The Lede

Death of Khashoggi has put world focus on Saudi-led war

BBC News

Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was strangled and his body dismembered after arriving at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. His death and media coverage have strained ties between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and brought attention to the actions of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Saudi-led civil war in Yemen. Saudi coalition forces may have committed war crimes in Yemen such as induced famine of 14 million people because of the partial blockade, according to UN human rights experts and humanitarian organizations. The war in Yemen started as an attempt by Arab states to restore government from growing group they saw as an Iranian proxy and was supported by the U.S., the U.K. and France. However, recent circumstances have led the U.S. to push for a ceasefire in Yemen and attempt the process of restoring peace in a country ruined by famine and political divide.

Trump likely won’t be able to end birthright citizenship

NBC News

Trump claimed the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t cover birthright citizenship on Wednesday. Birthright citizenship is the legal right for a person to have citizenship in the country they were born in regardless of their parentage. This comes as a push to end birthright citizenship in the U.S. and further reduce undocumented immigration into the U.S in the upcoming midterm elections, according to CBS News. Retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other top adviser and aides have dismissed the legal ability of Trump to follow through with this because an executive order cannot end birthright citizenship. This is supported by reputable who state most constitutional scholars agree he can’t end birthright citizenship with an executive order, and if he does, it ultimately will be rejected by the courts. However, they do say they can’t know for certain if Trump is right and his influential power could get the citizenship right eradicated.

New ‘Cold War’ meaning for U.S. Marines

Stars and Stripes

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia are at an all-time high as President Vladimir Putin makes his distaste for Atlantic alliance’s encroachment into waters Putin considers Russian territory. “Unprovoked, the Atlantic alliance does not plan to attack Russia,” the New York Times reports. “Still, Eastern European members of the group worry that Mr. Putin will, at some point, challenge its collective defense compact, which holds that an attack on one ally is an attack on all.” NATO exercises have reflected this anxiety as U.S. Marines practiced exercises in the frigid waters of the Norwegian Sea that haven’t been as large since the Cold War itself. read the full story here.


It’s an Honor

Listen up! THE SOURCE: Ep. 4 – Loyalty

Jack Kennedy

In the fourth installment of THE SOURCE, host Nichole Shaw interviews Colorado Student Media Association Executive Director Jack Kennedy on loyalty in the journalism industry. Take a listen to discover the importance of understanding loyalty and your responsibility as a journalist to stick to what you know is right, even though it may be difficult to face. Listen to the podcast here.

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Writing, Photo, and Multimedia Winning Entries Available

Quill & Scroll’s annual Writing, Photo, and Multimedia Contest for 2018 is complete, and winning entries are now available for your perusal. A complete list of winners can be found here along with a brief showcase of and links to the award-winning work.

The 2019 Contest will be open for entries from December 2018 through Feb. 5, 2019. Work entered should have been published online or in a news publication between Feb. 1, 2018 and Feb. 1, 2019. As always, students who finish in the top 10 percent in any category are eligible for Quill and Scroll scholarships.

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Yearbook Excellence Contest

The entries for the 2018 Yearbook Excellence Contest have been sent to judges, and they have a Nov. 30 deadline to complete their work. We hope to announce all winners before the holiday break begins in mid-December.


What’s viral?

Camerawoman’s misdemeanor conviction of kicking migrants overturned by Hungary court

A Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed kicking Syrian migrants in 2015 at the height of the migrant crisis had her conviction overturned by the Hungary’s highest court on Tuesday. At the time, videos of the camerawoman, Petra Laszlo, went viral, symbolizing Hungarian hostility to migrants seeking refuge from their own country. After three years, the court found Laszlo’s actions “morally deplorable and against the law” but dismissed her previous misdemeanor conviction. They found she should have been charged with a disturbance that could have been paid in a fine, blaming the migrants for the disorder since they ran through a police cordon. Learn more about the story here.


A human line connecting people through art of words

Hundreds lined up to help a struggling book store in London move thousands of books and supplies. The bookstore, October Books, is a local nonprofit, “radical” book store that promotes a fair and equal society. After rent increased, they were forced to move locations from their old Southampton location to one 54 doors down and hundreds responded to their “Can you lend a hand?” plea online, according to the New York Times. A human chain was formed where people from the community engaged in heavy manual labor to help the bookstore and move around 2,000 books. To read more on the event, click here.

Jewish doctors show humanity in treatment of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter

After the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that killed 11 people on Saturday, Robert Bowers, the shooter, was rushed the hospital after being shot by police officers. When Bowers entered Allegheny General Hospital he was still shouting hateful slurs targeted at Jewish individuals, according to Dr. Jeffery Cohen, the president of Allegheny General Hospital and member of theTree of Life Congregation Synagogue. Despite the hateful actions of Bowers, Jewish medical staff put aside their emotional distress toward a man who had killed 11 of their own and treated him professionally. “Quite honestly, he’s just a guy…He’s some mother’s son,” Cohen said to reporters. “And how did he get from that to where he is today? That’s going to be a large debate that we have to wrestle with as a society.” Read the full story here.


Just a Thought

Vote for the midterms!

Mirah Curzer on Unsplash

As of Wednesday, 20 million people have voted for the 2018 U.S. midterm election, according to CNN’s partnership with Catalist—a data company that works with Democrats and others, to compile counts of ballots cast before Election Day, either early in-person or by mail. Of those 20 million, it has become clear that more women than men have voted and in several states voters have been predominantly older. There’s now less than a week until midterms so it’s imperative that everyone votes, especially young adults. Your vote matters. To find information on how to vote and let your voice be heard later by officials you elected, click here.

Also, here‘s what women’s early voting means for the midterm elections, and what it doesn’t mean.

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