End-of-the-year events

As the school year winds down, a host of events begin to crowd the already-packed schedules of high school journalism teachers and students.

Here’s a to-do list Quill and Scroll composed to help our members include organization activities amidst the media deadlines, final exams, workshop planning, award ceremonies and contest deadlines.

  • News Media Evaluations: Conduct staff-assessments as end-of-the-year activities. After producing the final publication you want evaluated, package it along with three other issues and send to Quill and Scroll. Learn more information and download the staff evaluation here. The NME entry period begins April 1; send evaluation materials by June 15 to receive the judges’ feedback by the start of the school year. Quill and Scroll also offers a shorter ratings-only service.
  • New member inductions: Identify students to induct as Quill and Scroll members. Plan induction ceremonies, if desired. Many staffs induct new members at the end of the school year. This is a good time to also order special awards, honor cords and member pins.
  • Encourage graduating senior staff members who plan to major in journalism or communications in college to apply for Quill and Scroll scholarships. Deadline is May 10.
  • Teachers planning to study journalism this summer to improve their instruction next year should consider applying for a Quill and Scroll scholarship for continuing education. Deadline is April 15.