Staff Policies

Examining policy and guidelines:

With all the recent buzz about AI use and guidelines in student media, it’s a great time to craft this one and even revisit some of the more used guidelines for your school.

A great starting point would be to talk to your student editors about what they have relied on during the past year and what they see as good reminders for staffers. This brainstorming could be done in a Quill and Scroll meeting and then you could dedicate a few minutes each day as a “Staff Manual Reminder of the Day” for a few weeks.

For example, some of the topics might include what do you do in these instances:

  • Request for prior review?
  • Take-down request?
  • Event of student or staff death?
  • When someone asks a photographer to delete a photo?
  • Possible copyright infringement?
  • Use email or social media for an interview instead of phone or in-person?
  • Makes allegations against the student media?
  • Refuses entry to an open event, such as a school board meeting?
  • What to do when a staffer errs?

The list could go on, but this is a quick starting point.

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