Student Press Rights

Revisiting or learning about seven court key cases about student free press

As part of its Constitution Day release, the Student Press Law Center identified seven foundational Supreme Court cases instrumental in today’s landscape.

Each of these cases have a small summary and key takeaway. One easy way to use this as a chapter activity (or classroom activity) would be to create seven groups and give the students 10 minutes to prep a quick informal discussion with the class that would include the summary and takeaway. (I’d encourage you to have the students put the information in their own words to make sure they understand.)

As an extension, after each group informally presents, you could ask the entire class or rest of the groups to come up with the questions they have about the case. The students could then look at the case and other information on a site such as Oyez, FindLaw or other credible site about the case.

Read in the original Weekly Scroll here.