Dec. 8, 2022

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THE LEDE  |  by Alex Steil

Supreme Court hears another religious freedom case

Court seemed ready to protect religious rights

The Supreme Court heard a First Amendment case about refusal of a web-desginer to provide service to a same-sex couple in Colorado. The facts of the case mirror the wedding cake case from 2018. Analysts have noted the oral argument for the case were particularly odd, from the Justices talking about Black and White Santa Clauses and children in KKK outfits. Even so, predictions are leaning toward the Court siding with the web-designer, who brought the case against the State of Colorado. The arguments come just a week after the Senate voted to codify same-sex marriage.

What you can do —

The First Amendment is integral to the workings of journalism; a lesson depicting what avenues of speech are legal is always a beneficial use of students’ time. We’ve already written on how to do that. However, the web/graphic design angle of this case presents another lens to educate students. The digital rules regarding the dissemination and re-publication of images is incredibly important in a more digitally focused world. Discussing the rights for students regarding creative commons, fair use and the other applicable First Amendment regulations for journalists will be knowledge they will hold going forward, even if they do not pursue journalism as a career.


More adults are buying toys

Raises an interesting question about growing up when adults take over

A recent story in TIME Magazine brought to the forefront an interesting dynamic: toy companies are changing their marketing to advocate for more adults to buy their products. It was even predicted, before the change in marketing tactics, that adults were going to buy more toys for themselves this year than normal. Now, companies are even producing toys “with adults in mind.

What you can do —

While playing with toys is likely beyond the reach of high schooler’s interest, the continuing adultification of kids’ items could spark some interest and intrigue among students. Toys are one example, but also consider social media: Facebook was replaced by Instagram, Instagram by Snapchat, Snapchat by TikTok and now TikTok is joined by BeReal. The trend of adults taking over realms of childhood could be an interesting angle to tackle. Right now the journalism focuses on adults taking over kids fields, but instead the article could be flipped: are adults infringing on kids’ abilities to grow up on their own? Also, based on some of the contest entries we’ve seen,  some high school students use kids’ items such as cartoon-themed kid backpacks. In what other ways have high school students also changed their spending habits to reflect this adult spending trend?

What’s viral

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be coming out with a new Netflix show

Another Netflix expose

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be starring in a six-part Netflix documentary about their lives after they stepped down from their royal posts. The series will be split into two parts over the course of a week –– the first three episodes will be released on Thursday. Harry will also release a memoir in January. It is the first major expose from any members of the royal family after Queen Elizabeth’s death earlier this year.

What you can do —

The royal family has been marred with controversy surrounding the duo’s stepping down in early 2020. They also have not been spared public denouncements about the institution of the monarchy following the Queen’s death. Students in countries with current monarchical ties could write a staff editorial about the validity of this type of system. Or, students could instead cover a story about the highlights or ICYMI’s that came from the royal family this past year. Of course, there’s also the option of reviewing the series. 


Chapter activity/discussion point spark

For many of you, this will be the end of the first semester. Please plan some downtime. Ask the students what they want to do and enjoy each other. Do they want to bring in board games? A Just Dance party? Sit around and enjoy a hot chocolate together and make a marshmallow structure or create art with found items? Take some time for all of you — including yourself.

We will not include this feature for next week since it’s traditionally the week before break. Remember, we will be pausing the Scroll for the weeks of Dec. 19, Dec. 26 and Jan. 2. We will return the week of Jan. 9.

It’s always membership season

Don’t forget you can nominate members year round

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Yearbook Excellence Contest awards to be announced Friday

See the website for details

Check out the site Friday for our individual contests and Blue and Gold Award Award winners for writing, photo and design. 

It’s been a very busy fall. Thank you for your patience while waiting for the results. For those who like to plan far ahead, we will open our 2023 contest in April. All entries will be due October of 2023.

Next contest opens next week

Writing, Photo, Multimedia category descriptions are live now

The categories are posted and ready. Please read these carefully. We have added several categories and updated the description of others. 

We will outline the process of submitting entries and payment in next week’s Scroll. Entries will be accepted as early as next week. 

For those who have entered in the past, we have also changed the entry fee. All entries will be charged $7. (Previously, we charged $14 for the multimedia contest.) 

All entries will be due Feb. 6. Please reach out if you have any questions.  

Scroll pause and office break

We will take a little break while you’re away

We’re back, but only for the week. 

The office will close Dec. 22-Jan. 2 for the holidays. We will still be able to answer questions and process orders, so don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or even order memberships or other items. 

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Final reminder on address change

Don’t forget our address changed in July

Just as a reminder, Quill and Scroll moved from Iowa to Minnesota last July. The University of Iowa is great about forwarding mail to us, but it can take a few extra weeks for checks sent to Iowa to make it to Minnesota. (Remember, we do wait on either the check or purchase order to process your orders.) Please remind your business office of this change as well. Remember, we are now residing with the NSPA folks at:

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Just a thought

As we know, the time during and after the holidays can be rough for those who are in need. 

As we approach the holidays for some, it might be a great time to start thinking about a Chapter activity you could do to make a difference a month or two after you return from winter break. While there is no obligation for a Quill and Scroll chapter to have any activities, it would be a great opportunity to do something to help someone else. 

For example, an activity could help build a connection between staffers and Quill and Scroll members. It doesn’t have to be a large-scale affair. Start small. A few years ago, one of my neighbors coordinated making sandwiches for The Sandwich Project. We still talk about how much we laughed while we made and stuffed sandwiches into bags. 

An even simpler idea is to reach out after the holidays to help a local non-profit to learn about what that organization may need. It might be helping a food shelf process donations or having a food drive contest between your student media staffs (or school if you want to expand this). 

Have fun with this. Your first contest could be to create a trophy that travels between different staffs with found items. This could be used for those kickball games that hopefully happen between staffs, too. 

If you do this, let me know and send pictures. I’d love to post what you do!

— Lori Keekley