We’re here for you

It’s not too late to do something special for your 2020 seniors

Quill and Scroll remains open for business and ready to help your journalism program despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Executive Director Jeff Browne and Administrative Assistant Judy Hauge, along with student assistant Sylvia Clubb, are working from their homes and the Quill and Scroll office, and they are able to receive nominations for membership and accept charter applications via email at [email protected].

We will fulfill those orders as soon as possible from our offices at the University of Iowa School of Journalism. We prefer that you communicate with us via the email noted above.

Simplified orders, if you wish

Some advisers have let us know that they will not or may not have access to school business and accounting services while they’re teaching remotely. As you may know, our policy is not to ship member certificates, pins and cords unless we’ve received payment. However, we have diversified the process in these ways:

  • If you are able to use a credit card or can get a check or purchase order, AND you have an order that includes more than just memberships and cords, please use the paper order form to nominate students and order other supplies, including cords, extra pins, patches, banners, etc. Please email the form to [email protected]. Your order will be processed and shipped within two weeks.
  • However, if your school is unable to process purchase orders or checks in time for your  induction ceremony, you may use this expedited online order form, which includes the ability to nominate students for membership and order cords only. This online order form requires you to pay via school-issued or personal credit card only. The order form is for advisers only. Your order will be processed and shipped within two weeks.
  • If you are unable to pay via credit card, but you know your students’ parents will, please use the paper form  to email a list of nominees for membership, write that you can’t pay for the students, but they and their parents will, and we will send you a link to a simple form that will allow the student and/or parent to pay for the membership and/or order a cord for themselves with a credit card.

If you are planning a virtual induction ceremony, please check with Executive Director Jeff Browne, who would be happy to host the induction ceremony via teleconference, personally read the script and welcome your new initiates into the Society. Just email him at [email protected].

Our various contests will continue as previously planned; all contests accept online submissions only.

In the meantime, please pay attention to your local governments’ messages, be safe and don’t spread the virus.