Member Awards

Schools with an established Quill and Scroll chapter can use the order form to:

  1. Recommend and initiate new members
  2. Order additional pins for previously initiated members
  3. Order graduation honor cords, t-shirts, patches and other member awards
  4. Order Quill and Scroll resources, publications and other chapter materials

Note: All Quill and Scroll materials and pins may only be ordered by journalism advisers and teachers or school principals. Click on the images above for an enlarged view of items.

Non-Member Awards

The following awards are available for junior high and other non-member students:

  • Creative writing awards (Item N2)
  • Journalism awards (Items N3 and N4)
  • Publication awards (Items N5, N6 and N7)
  • Award of Honor certificates (Items C1 and C2)
  • Testimonial Scrolls (Items C3 and C4)
  • Journalism recognition graduation cords (NCD)

Download the order form to purchase both member and non-member awards. Click on the images above for an enlarged view of items.


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