International Press Freedom

Russia jails U.S. WSJ journalist

Highlights different roles press plays in other countries

Russia jailed a Wall Street Journal reporter on Thursday, alleging he was spying for the American government and is holding him on espionage charges. Russia has provided no evidence for the charges. The reporter, Evan Gershkovich, was born to Soviet-born parents and has previously stated he felt a strong sense of connection to Russia.

As a Chapter, you can investigate the state of free speech around the world. For those who are interested in international reporting, in any capacity, do they fully understand the risks associated with reporting in war-torn areas or under repressive regimes? Examining the factors that go into a free press, such as a supportive government and populous, are good starting points. Pew Research has broken down some of the aspects that go into maintaining press freedom.

A chapter also could discuss why journalists go into these areas to report. This AP News article highlights the concern for the journalists and the need for foreign reporting.

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