AI Writing and Other Fakery

CNN recently highlighted how people are being duped by AI generated content in their social media feeds — including a video about the spread of misinformation by news anchors who were created by AI. Time even warned about the possibility of fake mug shots prior to for President Donald Trump surrendering to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office

As a chapter, a discussion could center on the importance of discussing AI with readers.

How does the use of AI impact trust or distrust in the media? What role does transparency play in this? Why is it important to make a statement regarding AI use?

The end of the video also discusses how to spot AI in videos. How can you work to educate your student population on this and on the importance of paying attention to where they get their information?

Media staffs could work on developing a policy on AI use. A Quill and Scroll chapter could then work on an educational campaign to discuss what the students decide.

Some new and updated AP Stylebook entries include suggesting not to use human characteristics to AI text generators. (For those who love AP Style updates, they range from adding the plus to LGBTQ+ to guidance on climate change terminology to capitalization of Civil Rights Movement to borscht to make a few.)

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