Why journalism matters

NSPA offers the sweatshirt “Journalism Matters Now More than Ever,” but what does it mean?

Why does journalism matter? Why is it more important than any time in recent history to make sure we cover our local communities? (Hint: many cuts to local journalism have occurred nationwide.)

How has the decline in local journalism added to misinformation and disinformation?

Why is it important that we have journalism programs? What do they offer?

How do student journalists get their news? How do members of the student body get their news? Can the identify the source of the information and assess the credibility?

What can we do to help educate people on the importance of journalism?

How do recent current events show this?

And yes, NSPA will be selling these sweatshirts here and at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention in San Francisco in April.

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