Recruitment Plans

For those of you who are part of a class, now might be time to outline your recruitment timeline and action plan. Some of the best recruitment involves student voice and outreach.

A Chapter could take on some of these recruitment duties and plans.

A few basic questions to help your plan:

Why did you join?

Why did you stay?

How can we show this to students? (Promotional video, social media, English class presentations etc.)

Does your staff represent your school as a whole?

Some schools have special invitations to join or apply to staff.

What are some areas in which we need to make sure we recruit? (Both in staff composition and needs)

What is the timeline we need to adhere to?

What can we do within that timeframe?

Who is responsible for each component and its coordination?

What is the plan if someone isn’t able to fulfill what they signed up for?

Do we involve the rest of the staff?

Depending on the timeframe, advisers might need to meet with those who signed up for the action plan items in a few days for an update.

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