American Society of News Editors and
Quill and Scroll 2012 International
Writing and Photography Contest

GOLD KEYS and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to 401 writers and photographers in the American Society of News Editors and Quill and Scroll 2012 International Writing and Photography Contest.

A total of 3,039 entries were received for the 2012 contest (which includes 36 disqualified entries) in all 12 categories for a total of 302 entries selected as national winners and 401 individual student winners in all 12 divisions.

Sweepstakes winners (except in the In-Depth Team category where each student will receive a special certificate) receive a plaque. All individual winners receive a Gold Key.

Gold Key winners are eligible as seniors to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell or George and Ophelia Gallup Memorial journalism scholarships.

The professional journalists who served as judges commented on the outstanding quality of work in the entries. The students’ hard work made the competition intense.

Sweepstakes Winners


Ally Kowalski
Communications High School
Wall, New Jersey

Editorial Cartoon

Jenny Yang
John Carroll School
Bel Air, Maryland

 News Story

Hirrah Barlas
Westlake High School
Austin, Texas

 Photo – News/Feature

Elizabeth Benson
Wando High School
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

 Photo – Sports

Shelby Tauber
McKinney High School
McKinney, Texas

Feature Story

Grace Rexroat
Blue Valley Northwest High School
Overland Park, Kansas

 General Columns

Shannon Carroll
Granite Bay High School
Granite Bay, California


Gabrielle Siegel
Grady High School
Atlanta, Georgia

 In-Depth Individual

Shannon Carroll
Granite Bay High School
Granite Bay, California

 In-Depth Team

Ruth Talbot
Emma Stokes
Shevawn Torr
Ben Herken

Georgiana Bruce
Kirby Preparatory School
Santa Cruz, California


Jessica Reese
Granite Bay High School
Granite Bay, California

 Sports Story

Hilary Hurst
Westlake High School
Austin, Texas

National Winners

 [*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]


             Tuscaloosa – Northridge High School – Raiha Bajwa, Feature Story


 Bryant – Bryant High School – Charlie Hunnicutt, Sports Photo and News Photo#; Ashley Bymers, Sports Photo; Jessica Waddle, Feature Story

Fort Smith – Southside High School – Alexis Beas, Editorial Cartoon


             Sedona – Sedona Red Rock High School – Whitney Cooper, Advertisement


         Brea – Brea Olinda High School – Brandon Kim, News Photo

Castro Valley – Castro Valley High School – Dane Lin, Editorial Cartoon; Dana Lin, In-Depth Reporting Team; Kate Kim, In-Depth Reporting Team; Bianca Arias, In-Depth Reporting Team; Max Kahane, In-Depth Reporting Team; Holden Parks, In-Depth Reporting Team

Fullerton – Troy High School – Isabelle Geczy, Review

Granite Bay – Granite Bay High School – Shannon Carroll, In-Depth Reporting Individual*, News Story, and General Columns*; Hayley Massara, Editorial; Kyle Pawlak, News Story; Jessica Reese, Advertisement

Huntington Park – Huntington Park High School – Javier Camarillo, In-Depth Reporting Team; Marvin Orellana, In-Depth Reporting Team; Nancy Herrera, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jessica Cubias, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ashley Martinez, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maria Lopez, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maggie Us, In-Depth Reporting Team

Lafayette – Acalanes High School – Gerry Vazquez, Editorial; Lindsey Lohman, News Story; Ethan Von Stetten, Editorial Cartoon; Stephen Wemple, Sports Story; Stephanie Brannon, Feature Story; Aislinn McNiece, Feature Story

Larkspur – Redwood High School – Ben Damon, Review; Bryce Snyder, Editorial; Katya Linehon, Editorial Cartoon; Ben Suliteanu, Sports Photo; Kimmy Pelfini, Sports Photo; Maya McDonnell, Sports Story; Sarah Chayra, Sports Story; Kemmer Tonne, Feature Story; Joe Compagno, General Columns; Elena Sullivan, General Columns; Michaela Ravasio, Feature Story

Los Angeles – Shalhevet High School – Rose Bern, Editorial; Sarah Soroudi, News Story; Leila Miller, Feature Story

Sacramento – Rio Americano High School – Logan Spoto, Editorial Cartoon; Ella Isaguirre, General Columns; John Ferrannini, Editorial

San Jose – Lynbrook High School – Irene Hsu, Review and In-Depth Reporting Team; Michael Park, In-Depth Reporting Team; The Harker School – Devin Nguyen, Sports Photo; Mercedes Chien, News Photo

Santa Cruz – Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School – Ruth Talbot, In-Depth Reporting Team*; Emma Stokes, In-Depth Reporting Team*; Shevawn Torr, In-Depth Reporting Team*; Ben Herken, In-Depth Reporting Team*


Boulder – Fairview High School – Janet Chen, Editorial, General Columns, and Editorial Cartoon

Highlands Ranch – Rock Canyon High School – Syd Charvat, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Zachary Todd Anderson, Editorial Cartoon; Chris Safran, Sports Story; Mountain Vista High School – Michael Collins, Sports Story; Macy Morgan, General Columns; Gabi Capocelli, General Columns; Jordan Laeyendeckur, Advertisement


Orlando – William R. Boone High School – Bridgette Norris, News Story


Atlanta – Grady High School – Gabrielle Siegel, Review; Lucy Leonard, News Photo; Phillip   Suitts, Sports Story; Holden Choi, General Columns

Decatur – Decatur High School – Colleen Suratt, Editorial; Jake Rodgers, Sports Story; Lucy Phipps-Kaye, Feature Story

Fayetteville – Starr’s Mill High School – Hannah Campbell, Review; Katie Norton, News Story and General Columns


Barrington – Barrington High School – Danielle Elliot, Sports Story

Chicago – University of Chicago Laboratory High School – Nick Phalen, Review; Aneesh Kanakamedala, In-Depth Reporting Individual; JR Reed, Editorial; Rolland Long, News Story

Deerfield – Deerfield High School – Alana Szilagyi, News Story

Des Plaines – Maine West High School – Angela Remus, Editorial; Mitch Riportella, General Columns; Rebecca Levin, General Columns

Huntley – Huntley High School – Bailey Poczos, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sydney Hellgeth, In-Depth Reporting Team; Marek Makowski, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Alexa Swanson, Editorial Cartoon; Mike Krebs, Sports Photo; Tyler Davis, Sports Story; Katherine Enciso, Sports Story

Palatine – William Fremd High School – Amir Djavid, Review; Arjun Thakkar, General Columns; Liz Amanieh, General Columns; Pooja Parameshwar, General Columns; Joe Brottman, Editorial Cartoon

Rolling Meadows – Rolling Meadows High School – Amy Vitale, Editorial; Michael McKenna, Sports Story

Skokie – Niles West High School – Ali Toth, News Story

St. Charles – St. Charles East High School – Griffin Graves, General Columns


Allen – Allen High School – Nicole Welch, In-Depth Reporting Individual

Bloomington – Bloomington High School South – Ian Hicks, Editorial; Stewart Rickert, General Columns#

Boise – Borah High School – Justin Kirkham, Review and News Story

Carmel – Carmel High School – Shayan Ahmad, Review; Sheen Zheng, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Hafsa Razi, In-Depth Reporting Individual and News Story; Katie Utken, In-Depth Reporting Individual and Feature Story; Jiva Capulong, Editorial Cartoon; Matt Wehner, Sports Story; Victor Xu, Feature Story and In-Depth Reporting Individual

Greenwood – Greenwood High School – Sierra Vandervort, News Story

Indianapolis – Lawrence Central High School – Kevin Kryah, Review and Feature Story; Samantha Strong, In-Depth Reporting Individual and Editorial; Sara Heiny, Feature Story; Molly Liss, General Columns; Broad Ripple Magnet School – Emily Nejako, Review

Munster – Munster High School – Beatriz-Costa Lima, Editorial and News Story; Kale Wilk, Feature Story


Cedar Rapids – Jefferson High School – Maddie Koolbeck, News Story; Tyler Koolbeck, Sports Story; Taylor Mueller, Sports Story; John F. Kennedy High School – Nathan Althoff, Sports Story; Mohammad Cheetany, Sports Story; Mike Hoefer, General Columns; Riley Galbraith, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sarah Sickles, In-Depth Reporting Team; Allie Sindlinger, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jessica Rowan, In-Depth Reporting Team

Davenport – Davenport Central High School – Whitney Leming, Editorial; Nick LaFrenz, General Columns; Davenport West High School – Haley Benisch, Editorial

Iowa City – City High School – Olivia Peters, News Photo; Della Nuno, News Photo; Emma Baxter, Feature Story; Kieran Green, Editorial

Johnston – Johnston High School – Ian Dunshee, In-Depth Reporting Team; Lauren Coffey, In-Depth Reporting Team; Duncan Sinclair, Editorial Cartoon

Pleasant Hill – South East Polk High School – Sidniann Rummans, News Story

West Branch – West Branch High School – Lexi Luneckas, Sports Photo


Overland Park – Blue Valley Northwest High School – Megan Murphy, Editorial Cartoon; Holly Noon, Sports Story; Grace Rexroat, Feature Story*; Meredith Johnson, Feature Story

Prairie Village – Shawnee Mission East – Kat Buchanan, In-Depth Reporting Team; Leah Pack, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jack Howland, News Story#; Toni Aguial, Feature Story; Greta Nepstad, General Columns; Alex Lamb, Review; Chris Heady, Feature Story

Shawnee – Shawnee Mission Northwest High School – Evan Shinn, Review; Michael Catt, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ashlee Crane, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maria Davison, In-Depth Reporting Team; Rachel Ferencz, In-Depth Reporting Team; Alex Stoll, News Photo; Sarah Dean, News Photo; Anna Mollanen, General Columns

Topeka – Topeka High School – Loghan Finney, Sports Photo


Bel Air – John Carroll School – Grace Kim, News Story; Jenny Yang, Editorial Cartoon*; Lauren Friedly, Editorial Cartoon; Adam Kuester, News Photo; Scott Novak, General Columns

Clarksburg – Clarksburg High School – James Gunther, News Photo

Silver Spring – Montgomery Blair High School – Eli Schwadron, Sports Story


Newton – Newton North High School – Julia Moss, Editorial Cartoon; Amanda Hills, Editorial


Birmingham – Seaholm High School – Dylan Dulberg, Review; Simon Schuster, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Peter Redebaugh, Sports Story#; Taylor Wyllie, Feature Story and In-Depth Reporting Team; Kelsey McClear, In-Depth Reporting Team; Emily Gardy, In-Depth Reporting Team; Simon Schuster, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sarah Levett, In-Depth Reporting Team; Kit Kuhne, News Story

Grosse Pointe Farms – Grosse Pointe South High School – Tom Keating, Review; Daniel Foy, Sports Story; DeMarco Havard, Sports Photo; Sam Metry, Editorial

Shelby TNP – Eisenhower High School – Sophie Maccagnone, News Story

Southfield – Southfield High School – Seneca Peters, News Story; Craig Lewis, Sports Photo; Eboni Person, Feature Story

Sterling Heights – Stevenson High School – Shantel Dukic, News Story; Amanda Hewer, Advertisement


Minneapolis – Minnehaha Academy – Anna Scholl, Review; Maddie Binning, Feature Story


Eureka – Eureka High School – Casey Walker, Feature Story

Fenton – Rockwood Summit High School – Matt Mater, Editorial Cartoon; Zach Elmore, Sports Photo; Katie Stapleton, General Columns

St. Charles – Francis Howell North High School – Kelsey Bell, In-Depth Reporting Team; Kaitlyn Williams, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Kevin Beerman, In-Depth Reporting Team# and Editorial; Sophie Gordan, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Sidney Shelton, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jaxon Nagel, In-Depth Reporting Team; Brittany Steck, In-Depth Reporting Team; Emily Katsianis, In-Depth Reporting Team; Emily Forst, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maddie Hiatt, In-Depth Reporting Team; Cody Haislip, Sports Story; Taylor Bartram, Advertisement#; Paige Yungermann,  In-Depth Reporting Team; Francis Howell High School – Alison Dunaway, News Story; Monica Khatri, Feature Story

Wildwood – Lafayettte High School – Claire Norfleet, Feature Story; Max Thoman, General Columns; Hannah Boxerman, News Story


Omaha – Omaha Westside High School – Ali Tomek, Editorial; Ari Juster, Feature Story

New Jersey

Cherry Hill – Cherry Hill High School East – Joel Greenspan, Editorial Cartoon; Jake Fischer, Sports Story

Wall – Communications High School – Brianna Merriman, Review; Ally Kowalski, Editorial* and In-Depth Reporting Team; Francesca Cocchi, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sarah Gleason, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jessie Kravs-Lavy, In-Depth Reporting Team; Monica Marone, In-Depth Reporting Team

 New York

DeWitt – Manlius Pebble Hill School – Joelle Rotella, News Photo

Dobbs Ferry – The Masters School – Nick Fleder, Sports Story

Hewlett – George W. Hewlett High School – Morgan Marc, Sports Photo

North Carolina

Kinston – Kinston High School – Tommy Tsao, Sports Photo


Findlay – Findlay High School – Leah Cramer, News Story

Liberty Township – Lakota East High School – Dillon Mitchell, Review; Sean Lewis, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jasmine Tuazon, In-Depth Reporting Team and Feature Story; Christian Roehm, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Natasha Rausch, In-Depth Reporting Team and Sports Story; Tommy Behan, In-Depth Reporting Team; Drew Souders, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Christina Wilkerson, In-Depth Reporting Team and Sports Story; Shivang Patel, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Rachel King, In-Depth Reporting Team; Rachel Podnar, In-Depth Reporting Team; Megan Fogel, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ameera Khalid, News Story; Ellen Fleetwood, Editorial Cartoon; Sierra Whitlock, Sports Photo and News Photo; Zach Fulciniti, Sports Story; Laura Shrake, Feature Story; Devin Casey, General Columns; Zach Armstrong, General Columns; Jeff Back, General Columns

Mason – Mason High School – Ajay Agrawal, Editorial Cartoon; Janica Kaneshiro, Feature Story


Plymouth – Wyoming Valley West High School – Francesca Colella, Editorial and News Story

Rhode Island

Lincoln – Lincoln High School – Henry Sales, News Story

South Carolina

Mount Pleasant – Wando High School – Emilee Kutyla, News Story; William Shanahan III, Editorial Cartoon; Elizabeth Benson, Sports Photo and News Photo; Rebecca Sydow, General Columns; Linda Lin, Advertisement; Tanner Hoisington, Editorial


Nashville – Christ Presbyterian Academy – Emily Wallin, Sports Photo


Allen – Allen High School – Conner Martin, Review and Editorial; Emily Cantwell, Review; Kayla Graves,  In-Depth Reporting Team and News Photo; Elaine Kirby, In-Depth Reporting Team; Lucas Lostoski, Sports Story and General Columns; Cory Fleck, General Columns; Esther Yang, Advertisement

Austin – Westlake High School – Hirrah Barlas, News Story*; Barrett Wilson, News Photo; Hannah Kunz, News Photo; Hilary Hurst, Sports Story*; Jenny Messer, Sports Story; Lizzie Friedman, Feature Story; Caitlyn Kerbow, Feature Story

Beaumont – West Brooke High School – Sidran Sved, Editorial and Advertisement; Grace Fregia, News Story

Cypress – Cy-Fair High School – Samantha Burdyl, General Columns

Dallas – Highland Park High School – Paige Carter, Sports Story and General Columns; Elizabeth Lee, Feature Story

Duncanville – Duncanville High School – Tatiana Marceleno, In-Depth Reporting Individual and Feature Story; Chase Apperson, Sports Photo; Chrystal Rhone, News Photo; Romeeka Siddiqui, General Columns; Allie Peregory, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Tricia Virtue, Sports Photo

Houston – Cypress Falls High School – Amy Cunningham, In-Depth Reporting Team; Christian Rumcheidt, In-Depth Reporting Team and General Columns#; Claudia Lopez, General Columns; Jersey Village High School – Cameron Korenek, Sports Photo; Summer Creek High School – Lauren Grimm, Sports Story; Madison Terrier, Feature Story

McKinney – McKinney High School – Hailey Kilgo, News Story; Shelby Tauber, Sports Photo*; Daniel Oleson, Sports Photo; Al Foulger, Sports Photo; Elliot Parkman, News Photo

Richardson – Richardson High School – Talia Richman, In-Depth Reporting Team, Sports Story#, Feature Story, and News Story#; Catherine Stack, In-Depth Reporting Team; Kate Bagwell, Feature Story

San Antonio – San Antonio Christian High School – Christy Hinz, News Photo; Chris Grubb, Sports Story


Alexandria – Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology – Colleen Marshall, News Story; Amy Ahn, Feature Story; Rabia Idrees, Editorial

Annandale – Annandale High School – Noah Fitzgerel, Editorial; Patricia O’Neill, In-Depth Reporting Individual

Stafford – Mountain View High School – Trevor Martin, Review


Renton – Renton High School – Jamaica Atal, In-Depth Reporting Team; Yva Ladera, In-Depth Reporting Team; Crissabeth Santos, In-Depth Reporting Team; Katherine Calimlim, In-Depth Reporting Team; Joey Nguyen, In-Depth Reporting Team; Bobby Tat, In-Depth Reporting Team; Hayley Brunk, In-Depth Reporting Team; Remica Dela Cruz, In-Depth Reporting Team; Michael Weaver, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maninder Grewal, In-Depth Reporting Team; Tyler Yoritaw, In-Depth Reporting Team; Shaheed Rashid, In-Depth Reporting Team; Rochelle Mascey, In-Depth Reporting Team; Hamilton Carter, In-Depth Reporting Team; Vyvy Nguyen, In-Depth Reporting Team; Joseph Varnadore, In-Depth Reporting Team; Mohamedfarid Ahmach, In-Depth Reporting Team; Aaron Garcia, In-Depth Reporting Team; Dauvee Keith, In-Depth Reporting Team; Olivia Fry, In-Depth Reporting Team; Devante Swann, In-Depth Reporting Team; Rosalyn Chan, In-Depth Reporting Team; Gary Nguyen, In-Depth Reporting Team; Gabriel Dominguez, In-Depth Reporting Team; Queenelle Gazmen, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maxime Bereau, In-Depth Reporting Team; Mindy Saeturn, In-Depth Reporting Team; Tristan Jay Cawagas, In-Depth Reporting Team; Alyssa Antonio, In-Depth Reporting Team; Angelica Nicolas-Aguilar, In-Depth Reporting Team; James Enebrad, In-Depth Reporting Team; Darren Briggs, In-Depth Reporting Team; Tony Le, In-Depth Reporting Team; Malik Roper, In-Depth Reporting Team; Bryan Diaz, In-Depth Reporting Team; Katie Reynolds, In-Depth Reporting Team; Hieu-Joe Vo, In-Depth Reporting Team; Daniel Tran, In-Depth Reporting Team; Mark Asiel Mariano, In-Depth Reporting Team; Vanessa Abenojar, In-Depth Reporting Team; Monalynn Orejudos, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ksenia Ivanova, Feature Story

West Virginia

Morgantown – University High School – Kari DeMicco, Sports Photo and News Photo

International Winners


Shanghai – Concordia International School Shanghai – Lindsay Maizland, News Photo