More than 281 high school writers and photographers honored

GOLD KEYS and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to 281 writers and photographers in the 2015 Quill and Scroll International Writing and Photography Contest.

A total of 2,134 entries were received for the 2015 contest (which includes 2 disqualified entries) in all 16 divisions for a total of 237 entries selected as national winners and 281 individual student winners. Blogging Competition winners and Middle/Junior High School Writing and Photo Contest winners have also been announced.

Sweepstakes winners (except in the In-Depth Team category where each student will receive a special certificate) receive a plaque. All individual winners receive a Gold Key.

Gold Key winners are eligible as seniors to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell or George and Ophelia Gallup Memorial journalism scholarships.

The professional journalists who served as judges commented on the outstanding quality of work in the entries. The students’ hard work made the competition intense.

Sweepstakes Winners

Editorial Writing

Deena Essa
Shawnee Mission Northwest
Shawnee, Kansas

Editorial Cartoon

Liz Lawton
Conestoga High School
Berwyn, PA

News Writing

Monica Rao
Westlake High School
Austin, Texas

Photography/News Feature

Zachariah Chou
American Heritage High School
Plantation, Florida


Parker Miller
Richland R-1 School
Essex, Missouri

Feature Writing

Daniel Bodden
Francis Howell North High School
Saint Charles, Missouri

Opinion Columns

Will Bolton
John Carroll School
Bel Air, Maryland

Review Columns

Sierra Solis
Fishers High School
Fishers, Indiana


Sophie Tulp
Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas


Nina Brillhart
Diana Buchert
Ivana Giang
Cindy Hyunh
Loryn Flowers
Brian Fogel
Katy Johnson
Brandie Matalka
Brittany Meister
Maddie Weikel
Lakota East High School
Liberty Township, Ohio


Eugenia Chen
Iowa City West High School
Iowa City, Iowa

Sports Writing

Jacob Prothro
Westlake High School
Austin, Texas

Photo Illustration

Annie Savage
Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas


Nick Wyer
Francis Howell North High School
Saint Charles, Missouri

Multimedia Storytelling (Features)

James Wooldridge
Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas

Photo Slideshow

Hailey Hughes
Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas

National Winners

 [*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]


Bryant – Bryant High School – Victoria Outlaw, Feature Writing; Carl Ratliff, Feature Writing; Emma Shock, Photography/News Feature

Fayetteville – Haas Hall Academy – Landon Harris, News Writing; Lamuel Reber, Sports Writing

Monette – Buffalo Island Central High School – Camden Metheny, Photography/News Feature


Sedona — Sedona Red Rock High School —Emily Bailey, Editorial Writing


Castro Valley – Castro Valley High School – Anna Talajkowski, News Writing, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Jes Smith, Photography/News Feature, Photography/Sports; Lauren Jelks, In-depth/Team Reporting; Rachel Du, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Alison Dhont, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Evan Kwong, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Neo Diesta, Editorial Cartoon

Fullerton – Troy High School Angie Won, Sports Writing; Adrija Chakrabarty, Review Columns; Hanbi Ko, Editorial Cartoon

Granite Bay – Granite Bay High School Treasa Hayes, Editorial Writing; Tamren Johnk, News Writing; Colleen Vivaldi, Sports Writing; Alex Baldonado, Sports Writing; Gazette Staff, Multimedia Storytelling

Lafayette – Acalanes High School Danny Ennis, Editorial Writing; Jess Mould, Photo Illustration; Adam Blake, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Sam Fraser, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Michael Ney, Sports Reporting; Megan Yee, Sports Reporting; Alex Shimotake, Editorial Cartoon; Arianna Ninh, Editorial Cartoon

Los Angeles – Shalhevet High School Eric Bazak, News Writing; Micah Gill, Opinion Columns; Josh Goldner, Opinion Columns; Shana Chriki, Opinion Columns

Newbury Park — Newbury Park High School — Angela Swartz, News Writing

Santa Cruz – Kirby School — Morgan Carothens, Feature Writing; Ava Poen, Feature Writing, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Eliza Davis, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Alice Koltchev, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Gillian Weatherford, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Zoe Gregozek, In-Depth/Individual Reporting


Miami — Felix Varela Sr. High School — Ciro Salcedo, Editorial Writing

Orlando — Boone High School — Natalia Disla, Infographics

Timber Creek High School — Andrea Rivera Mercado, Review Columns

Plantation — American Heritage High School — Zachariah Chou, Photography/News Feature*

Tampa — Robinson High School — Isabel Hanewicz, News Writing


Atlanta — Henry W. Grady High School — Uzuki Kakinuma, Review Columns; Mary Claire Morris, News Writing, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Hannah Martin, Photo Illustration


Boise — Borah High School Monica Adler, Editorial Cartoon


Chicago — University High School Elizabeth Chon, News Writing; Clyde Schwab, Feature Writing

Des Plaines — Maine West High School Mohini Morker, Editorial Cartoon; Jake Gertie, Opinion Column

Downers Grove — Downers Grove North High School Kathleen Callaghan, News Writing; Gaby Martinez, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Simone Burns, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Bruce Tanlim, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Rachel Krusenoski, In-Depth/Team Reporting

Huntley Huntley High School Adam Reckamp, Editorial Writing; Palak Patel, Feature Writing

Lake Zurich — Lake Zurich High School Madison Hart, Feature Writing; Jemma Kim, Sports Writing


Carmel — Carmel High School —  Aster Samuel, Review Columns; Kyle Crawford, Photography/Sports, Multimedia Storytelling; Cynthia Yue, Feature Writing; Emma Love, Sports Writing, Opinion Columns; Kari Trudx, Sports Writing; Sarah Liu, Editorial Writing; Ellen Peng, Advertising; Scott Liv, Infographics

Crown Point — Crown Point High School Alaa Abdeldaiem, News Writing#

Fishers — Fishers High School Sierra Solis, Review Columns*

Indianapolis— Lawrence Central High School Darian Benson, News Writing; Ernie Harshman, Sports Writing

Munster Munster High School Mariah Villaroman, Infographics; Meena Kandallu, Feature Writing; Erin Gallagher, Sports Writing


Davenport —  Davenport West High School Solomon Yorke, Feature Writing

Iowa City — City High School Will Barker, Editorial Writing; Neil Harte, Editorial Writing; Akash Borde, Editorial Writing; Cora Bern-Klug, Photography/News Feature, Photography/Sports; Caroline Brown, In-depth/Individual Reporting; Payton Evans, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Madeline Deninger, Photo Slideshow; Neil Harte, Editorial Cartoon

Iowa City West High School Eugenia Chen, Advertisement*; Jiung Jung, Feature Writing; Braedyn Dochterman, Editorial Cartoon

Johnston — Johnston High SchoolCarly Kinning, Editorial Writing; Anne Rodgers, Editorial Writing; Myles Kirkpatrick, Sports Writing; Lizzie Orr, Infographics


Prairie Village — Shawnee Mission East High School Annie Savage, Photo Illustration*, Photography/News Feature; Claire Pottenger, Review Columns; Daniel Rinner, Feature Writing; Hailey Hughes, Photography/Sports, Photo Slideshow*; Julia Poe, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Katharine Swindells, Opinion Columns; Kylie Schultz, Opinions Columns; Pauline Werner, News Writing; Sophie Tulp, Sports Writing, In-depth/Individual Reporting*; Susannah Mitchell, Opinion Columns; Ellie Booton, Opinion Columns; James Wooldridge, Multimedia Storytelling

Shawnee — Shawnee Mission Northwest High School Deena Essa, Editorial Writing; Addison Sherman, Photo Illustration; Carleigh Whitman, Photography/News Feature, Photography/Sports#, Grace Amundson, Infographics


Bel Air — John Carroll School Erica Kelble, Photo Slideshow; Lauren Glase, Review Columns#; Will Bolton, Opinion Columns*; Kathy Deaver, News Writing


Taunton —  Coyle and Cassidy High School Robert Scaramuccia, Feature Writing


Southfield —Southfield High School Ciah Green, Feature Writing; Parrish Pierce, Editorial Cartoon; Rayven Malone, News Writing

Sterling Heights — Stevenson High School Raymond Kattoula, Opinion Columns


Minneapolis — Minnehaha Academy Maddie Binning, Feature Writing; Gabbi Johnson, Sports Writing; Katerina Misa, Editorial Cartoon; Taylor Bye, News Writing; Jorie Schwab, Opinion Columns


Chesterfield — Marquette High School Rennie Svirnovskiy, Opinions Columns#, Editorial Cartoon; Catie Lambert, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Devika Menon, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Ellie Toler, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Kacen Bayless, Feature Writing; Michael Robinson, Editorial Cartoon#

Essex — Richland R-1 School Katie Pinkley, Photography/Sports; Parker Miller, Photography/Sports*

Kansas City — Notre Dame de Sion High School Laney Ulowetz, Sports Writing; Meghan Kearney, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Natalie Sopyla, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Rachel Ergovich, Sports Writing; Sophie Nedelco, News Writing; Sydney Daniels, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Anna Schroer, Opinion Columns; Sydney Daniels, Editorial Writing

Kirkwood —Kirkwood High School Ellie Cassidy, Photography/News Feature; Emma McNail, Feature Writing; Reese Anderson, Sports Writing; Abby Christensen, News Writing

Saint Charles — Francis Howell North High School Alexis Tainter, Infographics, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Tyler Ayers, Photography/News Feature; Ashleigh Jenkins, Daniel Bodden, In-Depth/Team Reporting#, Feature Writing*; Emma Pursley, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Lauren Pike, Editorial Writing, News Writing;  Lexi Wilkinson, In-Depth/Team Reporting#, Opinion Columns; Nick Wyer, Infographics*; Sammie Savala, Photography/News Feature

New Hampshire

Hanover — Hanover High School Michael Stinson, Photography/Sports

New Jersey

Cherry Hill — Cherry Hill East High School Ben Goldsmith, Sports Writing; Herna Sirken, Photo Illustration; Rachel Pacitti, Photo Illustration; Jacob Borowsky, Sports Writing; Jordan Stein, Photo Illustration, Photography/Sports

Glen Rock — Glen Rock High School  Colin Morrow, Sports Writing; Richard Gueren, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Lilia Wood, In-Depth/Individual Reporting

Wall — Communications High School Jessica Jo, Editorial Cartoon; Leo Ross, Review Columns; Lilia Kang, Photo Slideshow; Mark Dispigna, News Writing

North Carolina

Charlotte — East Mecklenburg High School Hikmat Al-Chami, Feature Writing; Klaus Mayr, News Writing

Hendersonville — West Henderson High School  Katie Farina, News Writing; Olivia Slagle, Review Columns; Polly Phillips, Feature Writing; Austin Woodard, Advertisement

North Dakota

West Fargo — West Fargo High School Jessica Qian, Review Columns; Logan Ahern, Review Columns, News Writing, Infographics, Feature Writing


Dublin — Dublin Coffman High School Molly Hessel, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Sarah Smith, Feature Writing; Summer Asad, In-Depth/Team Reporting

Liberty Township — Lakota East High School Brian Fogel, Photography/News Feature, In-Depth/Team Reporting*; Christine Shi, Review Columns, Advertisement, Infographics; Diana Buchet, Review Columns, In-Depth/Team Reporting*; Kelly Cai, Review Columns, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Ashley Fiswick, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Brandie Matalka, In-Depth/Team Reporting*#; Brittany Meister, Infographics, In-Depth/Team Reporting*, Feature Writing; Cindy Huynh, Editorial Writing, In-Depth/Team Reporting*#; Emily St. Amour, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Ivana Giang, In-Depth/Team Reporting*#, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Katy Johnson, In-Depth/Team Reporting*; Lauren Drummond, In-Depth/Team Reporting, Feature Writing; Loryn Flowers, In-Depth/Team Reporting*; Maddie Weikel, In-Depth/Team Reporting*#; Manjot Kalkat, Editorial Cartoon; Nina Brillhart, In-Depth/Team Reporting*, In-Depth/Individual Reporting; Olivia Lewis, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Victoria Shields, In-Depth/Team Reporting


Berwyn — Conestoga High School Navin Zachariah, Sports Writing; Liz Lawton, Editorial Cartoon*


Memphis — Shelby County Schools Angelica Martini, Feature Writing


Allen — Allen High School Bailey French, Photography/New Feature; Jackson Stone, Sports Writing; Laura Hallas, Feature Writing; Makayla Nerpel, Feature Writing

Austin — Westlake High School Jack Wallace, Opinion Columns; Jack Prothro, Sports Writing*; Katelyn Connolly, Review Columns, Opinions Columns; Michelle Fairorth, Review Columns; Monica Rao, News Writing; Tim Whaling, Photo Illustration, Photography/News Feature, Photography/Sports; Alex Charnes, Infographics

Beaumont — West Brook High School Shaha Aziz, Advertisement

Duncanville — Duncanville High School Cynthia Rangel, Photography/Sports

Houston — Jersey Village High School Kelsey Hodges, Photo Illustration, Feature Writing; Damaris DeLon, Photography/News Feature

Kingwood — Kingwood Park High School Sarah Martell, Photography/Sports

McKinney —McKinney High School Isaac Monroy, Photography/News Feature, Photography/Sports; Colin Mitchell, Photography/Sports; Nicole Stuessy, News Writing

San Antonio — San Antonio Christian High School Adam Wyatt, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Brooke Franklin, Photography/Sports, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Ella Staskavage, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Josh Waechter, In-Depth/Team Reporting; Lauren Robertson, In-Depth/Reporting; Rebecca James, In-Depth/Team Reporting


McLean — McLean High School David Kagan, In-Depth/Individual Reporting

Stafford — Mountain View High School — Cory Haley, Photography/News Feature; Sarah Yakulis


Seattle —

Ballard High School — Cassin Stacy, Photography/News Feature

Cleveland High School — Kenisha Rullan, Editorial Cartoon