More than 322 high school writers and photographers honored

GOLD KEYS and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to 322 writers and photographers in the 2014 International Writing and Photography Contest, sponsored by Quill and Scroll and ASNE Youth Journalism Initiative, with support from Viacom.

A total of 2,211 entries were received for the 2014 contest (which includes 27 disqualified entries) in all 16 divisions for a total of 286 entries selected as national winners and 322 individual student winners. Blogging Competition winners also have been announced.

Sweepstakes winners (except in the In-Depth Team category where each student will receive a special certificate) receive a plaque. All individual winners receive a Gold Key.

Gold Key winners are eligible as seniors to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell or George and Ophelia Gallup Memorial journalism scholarships.

The professional journalists who served as judges commented on the outstanding quality of work in the entries. The students’ hard work made the competition intense.

Sweepstakes Winners

Editorial Writing

Laura Scieszinski
Johnston High School
Johnston, Iowa

Editorial Cartoon

Arianna Ninh
Acalanes High School
Lafayette, California

News Writing

Varol Tran
East Mecklenburg High School
Charlotte, North Carolina

Photography/News Feature

Nicole Quincy
McKinney High School
McKinney, Texas


Matt Krieg
Francis Howell North High School
St. Charles, Missouri

Feature Writing

Julia Poe
Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, Kansas

Opinion Columns

Sarah Mikesell
Cheboygan Area High School
Cheboygan, Michigan

Review Columns

Sarah Goldwasser
Redwood High School
Larkspur, California


Anna Ferkingstad
Ballard High School
Seattle, Washington


Jessica Olsen
Daniel Bodden
Alexis Tainter
Priscilla Joel
Sophie Gordon
Lauren Pike
Sarai Esperanza
Claire Carr
Francis Howell North High School
St. Charles, Missouri


Lauren Stepp
West Henderson High School
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Sports Writing

Josh Shi
Lakota East High School
Liberty Township, Ohio

Photo Illustration

Sarah Allen
Notre Dame de Sion High School
Kansas City, Missouri


Daniel Bodden
Francis Howell North High School
St. Charles, Missouri

Multimedia – Features

Alex Herz
Redwood High School
Larkspur, California

Photo Slideshow

Maddie Binning
Minnehaha Academy
Minneapolis, Minnesota

National Winners

 [*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]


Bryant – Bryant High School – Jaisa Hogue, Feature Writing; Jazzmyn Peterson, Opinion Columns#

Fort Smith – Southside High School – Carter Milligan, Editorial; Andrea Johnson, Photography News/Feature#


Sedona — Sedona Red Rock High School – Allexxa Brooks, Editorial; Elise McClain, Advertisement


Castro Valley – Castro Valley High School – Alison Dhont, Opinion Columns; Reema Kakaday, Opinion Columns; Amanat Riar, Review Columns; Grace Moon, Editorial Cartoon

Granite Bay – Granite Bay High School – Austin Pink, Editorial; Haley Byam, Editorial, Feature Writing, Opinion Columns; Alexa Zogopoulos, News Writing

Lafayette – Acalanes High School – Lauren Kim, Feature Writing; Adam Blake, News Writing; Adrienne Lee, Opinion Columns; Hannah Raslan, Sports Writing

Larkspur – Redwood High School – Mike Hendrickson, Opinion Columns; Audrey Lyall, In-Depth Individual; Josh Zimmerman, In-Depth Individual; Alex Herz, Multimedia*; Emma Peters, Opinion Columns; Lianne Pearce, Photography Sports#; Sarah Goldwasser, Review Columns*; Broden Farazmand, Review Columns; Riley Overend, Sports Writing; Fiona McCormack, Photo Illustration; Nancy Lou, Editorial Cartoon

Los Angeles – Shalhevet High School – Tamar Willis, Feature Writing, Editorial; Zev Kent, Feature Writing; Alexa Fishman, News Writing

San Jose – Valley Christian High School – Camilla Marais, Sports Writing

Santa Cruz – Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School – Adriana Brock, Feature Writing, In-Depth Team; Eliza Davis, Feature Writing, In-Depth Team; Izze Martin, In-Depth Team; Jason Ritchey, In-Depth Team; Zoe Gregozek, In-Depth Team; Ava Poen, News Writing


Aurora – Grandview High School – Julia Deyanova, Editorial Cartoon

Castle Rock — Castle View High School – Nick Santulli, Feature Writing; Bailey Garner, Photography Sports

Highlands Ranch — Mountain Vista High School – Gabriel Rodriguez, Photography Sports


Miami – Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School – Abigail Duffy, Feature Writing; Javier Storch, Review Columns; Alec Eidelstein, Sports Writing#

Orlando – Florida Virtual School – Samantha Morris, Opinion Columns

Timber Creek High School – Annie Magee, Review Columns, Opinion Columns; Toddy Akroyd, Opinion Columns


Atlanta – Henry W. Grady High School – Caroline Morris, Opinion Columns (The Southerner); Tia Borrego, Feature Writing (Nexus); Quinn Mulholland, In-Depth Individual, In-Depth Team (The Southerner); J.D. Capelouto, In-Depth Team; Mary Claire Morris, News Writing (The Southerner); Eli Mansbach, Photo Slideshow, Photography News/Feature (The Southerner); Ben Simonds-Malamud, Review Columns (The Southerner); Mallory Hazell, Review Columns (Nexus); Madeline Veira, Editorial Cartoon (The Southerner)


Boise – Borah High School – August McKernan, Editorial, Feature Writing, News Writing


Chicago – University High School – Hebah Masood, Feature Writing; Sonia Bourdaghs, News Writing, In-Depth Individual; Lydia Fama, Editorial Cartoon

Deerfield – Deerfield High School – Taylor Beauseigneur, Feature Writing; Adam Kaz, News Writing; Jackson Zebovitz, Opinion Columns

Des Plaines – Maine West High School – Benus Ezlakowski, Opinion Columns; Amanda Rey, Photography Sports; Aaron Cunanan, Editorial Cartoon^

Downers Grove – Downers Grove North High School – Zoe Labate, Editorial Cartoon

Huntley – Huntley High School – Angelica Cataldo, Opinion Columns; Kyle Sommerfield, Editorial, Sports Writing; Katie Gallegos, Photo Illustration

West Chicago – West Chicago Community High School – Kyle Paup, Editorial


Crown Point – Crown Point High School – Maggie Gelon, News Writing; Alaa Abdeldaiem, Sports Writing

Fishers — Fishers High School — Nick McGrath, Feature Writing

Indianapolis – Lawrence Central High School – Carley Lanich, Editorial; Darian Benson, Feature Writing; Molli Loftus, Photography News/Feature, Multimedia; Michael Rice, Photography Sports; Leah Arenz, Infographics; Dara Metclafe, News Writing

Munster – Munster High School – Cassandra Eberle, News Writing; Alisa Munoz, Photography News/Feature; Casey Gouwens, Photography Sports; Cesar Camacho, Photography Sports


Cedar Rapids – Kennedy High School – Bailey Zaputil, In-Depth Individual; Elianna Novitch, News Writing; Norm Althoff, Opinion Columns; Ethan Divis,  Sports Writing

Davenport – Davenport West High School – Jephthah Yarian, Editorial; Emma DeMarr, Editorial Cartoon

Iowa City – City High School – Jacob Potash, News Writing; Becca Meyer, Sports Writing; Daniela Perret, Sports Writing

Iowa City West High School – Megumi Kitamoto, Editorial; Apoorva Raikevar, Multimedia; Paul Curry, Opinion Columns; Jaeho Lee, Photo Illustration; Leela Sathyaputri, Photo Illustration; Jaeho Lee, Photo Slideshow; Kelsey Keranen, Opinion Columns

Johnston – Johnston High School – Laura Scieszinski, Editorial*; Anne Rogers, Editorial; Ellen Bennett, News Writing; Monica Gagne, Photography News/Feature


Prairie Village – Shawnee Mission East – Julia Poe, Feature Writing*; Katie Knight, Feature Writing, In-Depth Individual; Pauline Werner, In-Depth Individual; Andrew McKittrick, Infographics, Sports Writing; Phoebe Aguiar, Infographics; Sarah Berger, News Writing; Leah O’Connor, Opinion Columns; Sophie Tulp,  Opinion Columns; Maddie Schoemann, Photography News/Feature; Maxx Lamb, Photography News/Feature; Greta Nepstad, Infographics#; Sophie Tulp, Infographics


Bel Air – John Carroll School – Kathy Deaver, News Writing, Sports Writing


Newton – Newton North High School – Malini Gandhi, Feature Writing


Cheboygan – Cheboygan Area High School – Kaitlyn Ridings, Opinion Columns; Sarah Mikesell, Opinion Columns*

Shelby TNP – Eisenhower High School – Lauren Kostiuk, Opinion Columns; Emily Cook, Editorial Cartoon

Southfield – Southfield High School – Emanne Johnson, Review Columns; Aasif Allen, Photo Illustration; Faith Westley, Review Columns

Sterling Heights – Stevenson High School – Jennifer Howell, Feature Writing; Nida Ashraf, News Writing; Krystal Hamama, Review Columns


Minneapolis – Minnehaha Academy – Dominique Hlavac, Editorial; Frances Hoekstra, Feature Writing; Maddie Binning, Photography News/Feature, Photo Slideshow*; Alex Lindberg, Photography Sports; Carter Schuld, Review Columns; Frances Hoekstra, News Writing; Krista Victorsen, Editorial Cartoon


Chesterfield – Marquette High School – Kaitlyn Perrier, Editorial Cartoon

Fenton – Rockwood Summit High School – Mary Thaier, Photography News/Feature

Kansas City — Notre Dame de Sion High School – Anna Schroer, Feature Writing; Madison Hummel, In-Depth Team; Mary B. Freeman, In-Depth Team; Sydney Daniels, In-Depth Team; Sarah Allen, Infographics, Photo Illustration*

Kirkwood — Kirkwood High School — Katie Puryear, Editorial; Sabrina Edwards, Editorial; Bridget Randazzo, Feature Writing; Ian Madden, Opinion Columns#; Sonora Taffa, Opinion Columns; Daniel Witt, Sports Writing; Lucy Dwyer, Sports Writing; Adam Rose, Sports Writing

St. Charles – Francis Howell North High School – Alexis Tainter, In-Depth Team*; Claire Carr, In-Depth Team*; Daniel Bodden, Infographics*, In-Depth Team*; Jessica Olsen, In-Depth Team*; Lauren Pike, In-Depth Team*; Priscilla Joel, In-Depth Team*; Sarai Esparza, In-Depth Team*; Sophie Gordon, Infographics, In-Depth Team*; Alex Buhse, Sports Writing; Maddie Hiatt, Editorial;  Ashleigh Jenkins, Feature Writing; Emily Hampson, Infographics; Cameron McCarty, Photo Illustration; Matt Krieg, Photography Sports*; Dan Stewart, Review Columns; Brenda Alvarado, Sports Writing

Webster Groves — Webster Groves High School — Aerin Johnson, Editorial

Wildwood— Lafayette High School – Alex LaMar, Editorial; Arianna Demos, Sports Writing; Lucas Meyrer, News Writing; Dakota Shaw, Editorial Cartoon


Las Vegas – Southwest CIA – Andrea Galvan, Editorial Cartoon

New Jersey

Cherry Hill – Cherry Hill High School East – Rebecca Cohen, Review Columns; Kayla Schorr, Review Columns

Wall Township – Communications High School – Riley Mullan, News Writing; Nina-Marie Amadeo, Opinion Columns; Halie Aaron, Photo Slideshow; Dylan Ablan, Review Columns; Michelle Fu, Editorial Cartoon

New York

Ardsley – Ardsley High School – Emily Choi, Opinion Columns

New York – Trinity School – Wonik Son, Opinion Columns

North Carolina

Charlotte – East Mecklenburg High School – Carol Tran, News Writing*, Sports Writing; Hannah Lieberman, Opinion Columns; Karringtan Harris, Sports Writing; Zila Sanchez, Sports Writing

Hickory Grove Christian School – Nicholas M. Beverage, News Writing; Daniel Cavanaugh, Sports Writing

Hendersonville – West Henderson High School –  Lauren Stepp, Advertisement*; Anna Yarbrough, Review Columns

North Dakota

West Fargo – West Fargo High School – Brittany Rheault, Advertisement; Arimeta Diop, News Writing; Logan  Ahern, Review Columns


Hamilton — Ross High School – Braydon Hayes, Sports Writing

Liberty Township – Lakota East High School – Amanda Weisbrad, Feature Writing; Ellen Kasik, Feature Writing, In-Depth Team; Alex Chryssovergis, In-Depth Team; Angela Ferguson, In-Depth Team;  Chris Bowling, In-Depth Team; Claire Schomaker, In-Depth Team; Daphne Ocran,  In-Depth Team; Dillon Mitchell, In-Depth Team; Hannah Eads, In-Depth Team; Jasmine Juazon, In-Depth Team; Kaitlin Lange, In-Depth Team; Lauren Fang, In-Depth Team; Madison Shelton, News Writing, In-Depth Team; Morgan Bain, In-Depth Team; Genevieve Bois, Opinion Columns; Josh Shi, Review Columns, Opinion Columns, In-Depth Team, Sports Writing*; Emily Haynes, Sports Writing; Marissa Alsip, In-Depth Team; Diana Buchert, Review Columns; Rahul Mukherjee, Infographics


Berwyn — Conestoga High School — James Redmond, Opinion Columns; Simran Sing, In-Depth Team; Suproteem Sarkar, In-Depth Team; Callum Backstrom, Infographics; Navin Zachariah, Sports Writing#

Rhode Island

Lincoln – Lincoln High School – Aaron Rosenthal, Opinion Columns; Samantha Leal, Photography News/Feature

South Carolina

Mt. Pleasant – Wando High School – Caroline Rothkopf, Editorial, Sports Writing; Staff, In-Depth Team; Dominique Chaplin, Opinion Columns; Liz Ward,  Advertisement; Lucie Wall, News Writing; Bria Graham, Photography News/Feature; Jenks Donaldson, Sports Writing; Taylor Grosse, Editorial Cartoon^


Austin – Liberal Arts and Science Academy – Abby Kappelman, In-Depth Team; Baltazar Zuniga, In-Depth Team; Logan Kramer, In-Depth Team; Eliza Cain, Sports Writing

Westlake High School – Caitlyn Kerbow, Feature Writing; Madeline Dupre, News Writing; Michelle Fairorth, Opinion Columns; Margaret Norman, Sports Writing

Cypress – Cy-Fair High School – Harper Neitzey, Opinion Columns

Duncanville – Duncanville High School – Azja Stanton, Feature Writing; Kennedy Stidham, Feature Writing, Opinion Columns; Lisette Lopez, News Writing; Ira Sembrano, Opinion Columns; Olivia Davila, Photography News Feature; Karla Estrada, Photography Sports; Yonas Nielsen, Photography Sports; Jenine Hamed, Sports Writing

Houston – Jersey Village High School – Natalie Solano, Photography Sports

Summer Creek High School – Briana Johnson, In-Depth Team; Jenna Duvall, In-Depth Team; Madison Terrier, In-Depth Team; Victoria Valentine, In-Depth Team; Regine Murray, Sports Writing

Humble – Atascocita High School – Lindsey Wills, News Writing

McKinney – McKinney High School – Luke Lauterbach, Multimedia; Ben Johnson, News Writing; Alejandra Velez, Photography News/Feature*; Giovanni Sabala, Photography News/Feature; Colin Mitchell, Photography Sports; Gehrig Johnson, Photography Sport

San Antonio – San Antonio Christian High School – Lauren Robertson, News Writing; Brett Franklin, Photography News/Feature; Krissy Laccarria, Advertisement; Brett Franklin, Photo Illustration


Charlottesville – Charlottesville High School – Malloy Owen, Sports Writing; Nolvin Cruz, News Writing


Seattle – Ballard High School – Anna Ferkingstad, In-Depth Individual*; Mikey Witkowski, Review Columns

Roosevelt High School – Editorial Staff, Editorial; John Peterson, Review Columns; Alec Scully, Sports Writing; Alex Farias, Sports Writing


Meguon – Homestead High School –  Anna Kreynin, Sports Writing

Weston – D.C. Everest Senior High – Johanna Bixby, Photography Sports