Gallup Awarded to Nine Schools
in News Media Evaluations

Fourteen others honored with International First Place awards 

Judges have named nine schools as The George H. Gallup Award winners in the 2022 Quill and Scroll News Media Evaluation Service.

Named for the founder of Quill and Scroll and the Gallup Poll, the award is given only to those publications that achieved and sustained excellence during the 2021-2022 academic year. Gallup Award recognition is based on extraordinary improvement, exceptional service to the school and community, editorial campaigns, and in-depth reporting on special issues.

International First Place Award recognition went to 14 schools. The International Second Place Award was awarded to two schools.

Gallup Awards


Atlanta — Midtown High School, The Southerner<
“Your staff has much to be proud of here. You’ve set a high standard for reporting, and your site is a great example for others to follow. Most importantly, you ascribe to high standards of credibility for your reporting, and you make the effort to identify and interview a wide range of sources. The caliber of the stories you choose to cover is superb. You cover a range of hard-hitting public-interest stories that remain focused on the school, and that alone is a key strength. The website is well organized and inviting from a visual perspective.”

Athens — Clarke Central High School, Odyssey
“The most compelling phenomenon about Odyssey’s coverage is that, while there is overlap among the print, web and social presentations, they all remain unique among themselves. This is a great way to give each a different voice, and to fine-tune the specific purposes for each medium in distribution of content.”


Liberty Township — Lakota East High School, The Spark
To absolutely no one’s surprise, Spark clearly deserves Quill and Scroll’s highest ranking and continues the magazine’s tradition of strong coverage and reporting and featuring a wide variety of student voices.


Stillwater — Stillwater Area High School, The Pony Express
“The Pony Express media team provides serves its campus well. The overall quality of the content provided is exceptional. It’s clear that this staff is well versed in interviewing and reporting skills. Bravo.”


Chesterfield — Marquette High School, The Messenger
“The visual personality of the Messenger is professional and controlled, from typography to headline/deck packages, to illustrations and photos. The design structures are reader-friendly and attractive and never take attention away from the coverage.”

St. Charles — Francis Howell North High School, FHN Today
“Francis Howell North should be the national standard for media policy and practice. This is an exceptional media staff with obviously an outstanding adviser who not only sets high expectations but follows through with quality media for the campus. Clearly a competition driven staff that is well educated in all areas of scholastic journalism. Kudos to the editorial staff for leading the way and curating/creating quality storytelling for the audience.”


Las Vegas — Southwest Career and Technical Academy, The Southwest Shadow
“Your comprehensive coverage blows the competition out of the water. Is there anything going on at your school that you aren’t writing about? Seriously, the breadth of topics reflected in the Southwest Shadow is amazing, from fashion and alumni to video games and presidential politics. Your content also shows that you are very sensitive to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.”


Austin — McCallum High School, The Shield
The Shield is a very professional, comprehensive publication. Content on each media both supports and adds value to make for very thorough reporting all around. The staff has done an excellent job of overcoming challenges with scheduling and getting back to campus and produces a high-quality print and online product. The quality of the videos and online product are stellar. The visuals are appealing, and every article has unique elements to draw in readers. I appreciate that the coverage includes articles specific to the school and the staff present all sides. Even topics that are on a national or state level are reported from the school level to let readers know how it will affect them. What a fabulous publication.


McLean — McLean High School, The Highlander
The Highlander is an engaging publication that uses multimedia to reach its readers. The staff has clear policies that set the foundation for consistent reporting and editing. The Highlander covers topics that are important to their readers and takes risks visually to make the publication appealing to their audience. It’s evident the staff is passionate about creating quality publications.

International First Place

San Anselmo — Archie Williams High School

Lake Zurich — Lake Zurich High School

Munster — Munster High School
Greenwood — Greenwood Community High School

New Hope — Robbinsdale Cooper High School

Webster Groves – Webster Groves High School
Nixa – Nixa High School
St. Louis — Ritenour High School

Tualatin — Tualatin High School

Altoona — Altoona Area High School
Haverford — Haverford School

Kingwood — Kingwood Park High School
Harrisonburg — Harrisonburg High School

Stoughton — Stoughton High School

International Second Place

Bradenton — Bayshore High School

New Jersey
Kinnelon — Kinnelon High School