Quill and Scroll and Partners Present 2016 Yearbook Excellence Winners



Judges selected 36 Sweepstakes Award and 297 National Award winners in the 2016 Yearbook Excellence Contest. Over 1,400 entries were evaluated.

The professionals serving as judges commended the heightened creativity of the winners. The judges also commented on the fine reporting, in-depth captions, and strong visual packages of the winning pieces. In addition, the Theme Development winners were commended for their unique designs and diligent work in producing creative yearbooks.

Gold Keys and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to yearbook staff members recognized in this year’s contest. The contest was presented in partnership with Balfour, Herff Jones, Jostens, Picaboo and Walsworth yearbook companies.

Sweepstakes winners (see list below) will receive plaques from Quill and Scroll. The 2016 contest had two enrollment categories (A – 750 student enrollment or more; and B – 749 or less) that account for the 36 sweepstakes winners. The number of winners in each of 18 divisions are: Theme Development: A-5, B-5;  Student Life: A-11, B-9; Academics: A-12, B-9; Clubs or Organizations: A-9, B-6;  Sports: A-11, B-11;  People: A-6, B-6; Advertising: A-8, B-7;  Sports Action Photo: A-12, B-8; Academic Photo: A-9, B-6; Student Life Photo: A-8, B-5; Clubs or Organizations Photo: A-5, B-5; Feature Photo: A-7, B-7; Graphic Design: A-22, B-13; Photo Illustration A-4, B-4; Index: A-6, B-5; Headline Writing and Design: A-4, B-4; Caption Writing A-9, B-3; and Personality Profiles A-23, B-13.



Matt Casler
Boone HS – A
Orlando, FL

Cassidy Brown
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA


Isabella Ramirez
Shawnee Mission North HS – A
Overland Park, KS

Jalisa Kassam
Darlington School – B
Rome, GA


Ashley Spann
Bryant HS – A
Bryant, AR

Jazmin Santillan
Sedona Red Rock HS – B
Sedona, AZ


Megan Garland
James Martin HS – A
Arlington, TX

Christine Hysell
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA


Kylie Cameron
Shawnee Mission Northwest HS – A
Overland Park, KS

Emma Holland
Notre Dame de Sion HS – B
Kansas City, MO


Danielle Robinson
Haltom HS – A
Haltom City, TX

Abigail Smith
Darlington School – B
Rome, GA


R’Asya Philbert
Osbourn HS – A
Monassas, VA

Tyler Dai
Darlington School – B
Rome, GA


Morgan Latham
Shawnee Mission North HS – A
Overland Park, KS

Drew Hickson
Richland R-1 HS – B
Essex, MO


Hannah Ilan
McCallum HS – A
Austin, TX

Jeri Anne Mares
Tucumcari HS – B
Tucumcari, NM


Maggy Crawford
Blue Valley HS – A
Overland Park, KS

Bridget Gillespie
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA


Mackensay Yazel
Shawnee Mission North HS – A
Overland Park, KS

Emily Blunt
Richland R-1 HS – B
Essex, MO


Kristal Saikho
Haltom HS – A
Haltom City, TX

Chris Schold
Minnehaha Academy- B
Minneapolis, MN


Natalie Lawton
Davenport Central HS – A
Davenport, IA

Susan Wang
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA


Taelor Wyatt
Davenport Central HS – A
Davenport, IA

Kendall Criswell
St. Clair County HS – B
Odenville, AL


Linley Murdock
Texas HS – A
Texarkana, TX

Susan Wang
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA


Kayla Starnes
Haltom HS – A
Haltom City, TX

Allly Chase
Calvary Day School – B
Savannah, GA


Audrey Sutter
Westlake HS – A
Austin, TX

Madelyn Bomar
Christ Presbyterian Academy – B
Nashville, TN


Lily Painter
Westlake HS – A
Austin, TX

Cassidy Brown
Arrowhead Christian Academy – B
Redlands, CA





St. Clair County High School,

Caption Writing – Miranda White
Feature Photo – Jordan Ciniglio
Graphic Design – Emily Simpson
Graphic Design – Kendall Criswell
Graphic Design – Laura Khan
Photo Illustration – Emily Simpson
Photo Illustration – Laura Khan




Sedona Red Rock High School,

Advertising – Hannah Ringel
Advertising – Samarah Elmer
Clubs or Organizations – Lela Winant
Feature Photo – Sarah Rice
Graphic Design – Lilly Davis
Headline Writing – Ashley Sutherland
Theme Development – Ashley Sutherland




Bryant High School,

Academic Photo – Tehya Hinkson
Clubs or Organizations – Casey Garrett
Feature Photo – Kara Maurer
Feature Photo – Kenzi Brenton
Graphic Design Hailey Gentry
Headline Writing – Griffin Hopkins
Personality Profiles – Gracen Goudy
Sports – Hailey Gentry
Sports Action Photo – Jake Deen

Fort Smith

Southside High School,

Sports – JoJo Kerns




Arrowhead Christian Academy,

Advertising – Jenny Chen
Personality Profiles – Austyn Wilson
Personality Profiles – Cassidy Brown
Sports Action Photo – Alex Iannone
Sports Action Photo – Wallace Li
Student Life – Clara Prins
Student Life – Renee Forfa
Student Life Photo – Jordan Collins




Greenwich High School,
People – Jack Frischer



Delray Beach

American Heritage School,

Feature Photo- Riley Hritz
Student Life- Riley Hritz
Student Life- Lindsey Weiner


Boone High School,

Academics – Diego Salisbury
Academics – Jae Crawford
Academics – Tyler Rispoli
Advertising – Catherine Mendoza
Clubs or Organizations – Diego Salisbury
Clubs or Organizations – Avery Tyndall
Index – Mary Grace Paris
Personality Profiles – Emma Mcclane
Personality Profiles – Lara Dusing
Personality Profiles – Megan Pirino
Personality Profiles – Morgan Smith
Sports – Blair Colson
Sports – Mady Benton
Student Life – Parker Fluke
Student Life – Kristen Collins
Theme Development – Emma McClane




Darlington School,

Academic Photo – Sam Ding
Academics – Kallan Kinsey
Feature Photo – JC Wang
Graphic Design – Eno Chen
Index – Ethan Pender
People – Eno Chen
People – Ethan Pender
Photo Illustration – Eno Chen
Sports – Claire Anderson
Student Life – Ethan Pender


Calvary Day School,

Academic Photo – Haley Burke
Clubs or Organizations – Brandon Brooks
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Brandon Brooks
Headline Writing – Kishan Patel
Index – Alli Brightwell
Personality Profiles – Addison Scarbrough
Personality Profiles – Kaden Doerksen
Personality Profiles – Nicole Crowley
Personality Profiles – Rachel Tinker
Sports Action Photo – Brandon Brooks
Student Life – Ally Chase


Savannah Christian Prep School,

Advertising – Shelby Todd
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Sarah Katula
Graphic Design – Sarah Floyd
Graphic Design – Katlyn Durrence




Davenport Central High School,

Headline Writing – Natalie Lawton
Photo Illustration – Isabelle Kern
Photo Illustration – Haley Simpson


Johnston High School,

Academic Photo – Ashley Long
Academic Photo – Hailey Sherman
Graphic Design – Corrina Iler
Graphic Design – Helen Moritz
Graphic Design – Maddie Boettcher
Headline Writing – Helen Moritz
Personality Profiles – Edin Sehic
Sports Action Photo – Ashley Long
Sports Action Photo – Ashley Long
Student Life Photo – Ashley Long
Student Life Photo – Kyle Kane



Overland Park

Blue Valley High School,

Graphic Design – Hannah Koenig
Graphic Design – Hannah Koenig
Graphic Design – Hannah Koenig
Graphic Design – Hannah Koenig
Graphic Design – Jessie Jilorec
Graphic Design – Jessie Jilorec
Graphic Design – Jessie Jilorec
Graphic Design – Jessie Jilorec

Blue Valley Northwest High School,

Advertising – Libby Kaufman
People – Grace O’Grady
Personality Profiles – Alea Beaman
Personality Profiles – Anna Weigel
Personality Profiles – Ashlyn Griffin
Personality Profiles – Grace O’Grady
Personality Profiles – Kate Kaufman

Shawnee Mission North High School,

Advertising – Emily Cooper
Caption Writing – Isabella Ramirez
Clubs or Organizations – Vivien Pham
Clubs or Organizations – Vivien Pham
Feature Photo – Kati Sneegas
Feature Photo – Mariah Stadel
Sports – Kylie Cameron
Sports – Mariana Orrego
Sports Action Photo – Kati Sneegas
Sports Action Photo – Morgan Latham
Student Life Photo – Mariah Stadel
Theme Development – Shannon Wray
Theme Development – Mariana Orrego


Blue Valley High School,

Personality Profiles – Maggy Crawford


Topeka High School,

Clubs or Organizations – Keira Beatty


Student Life – Robbie Spencer




Northwest High School,

Photo Illustration – Alyssa Stull
Student Life Photo – Kayla Golightly

Shelby Town

Eisenhower High School,

Graphic Design – Amber Sansoni
Graphic Design – Marino Moraccini
Graphic Design – Shawn Pendleton
Index – Nicole Mezser
Personality Profiles – Katie Johnson
Personality Profiles – Samantha Semerau
Sports Action Photo – Kristen Smith
Theme Development – Nicole Mezser

Sterling Heights

Stevenson High School,

Academic Photo – Gina Bryant
Academic Photo – Keira Coffey
Caption Writing – Samantha Hart
Caption Writing – Brekell Bee
Caption Writing – Lyndsey Helsel




Minnehaha Academy,

Academic Photo – Meena Morar
Feature Photo – Kitra Katz
Feature Photo – Steven Johnson
People – Luke Frazier
Student Life Photo – Kitra Katz




Parkway West High School,

Student Life- Maggie Walkoff
Student Life- Haley Tiepelman


Richland R-1 High School,

Academic Photo – Aleena Robbins
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Katelyn Pinkley
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Megan Cullum
Sports Action Photo – Katelyn Pinkley
Sports Action Photo – Parker Miller
Student Life Photo – Aleena Robbins


Rockwood Summit High School,

People – Allie Seymour
Student Life Photo – Annabel Gereau

Kansas City

Notre Dame de Sion High School,

Academics – Katia Hauptmann
Academics – Masen Fridkin
Academics – Chloe Long
Academics – Courtney Soukup
Advertising – Cassidy Campbell
Clubs or Organizations – Danielle Mollens
Clubs or Organizations – Courtney Soukup
Graphic Design – Grace Lesniewski
Graphic Design – Gracie Snider
Graphic Design – Eva Bowles
Graphic Design – Jordan Hermes
Graphic Design – Megan McCormack
Index – Hannah Valentine
Index – Molly Marx
People – Masen Fridken
People – Rachel Martin
Personality Profiles – Emma Warren
Personality Profiles – Molly Marx
Personality Profiles – Elizabeth Jackoboice
Personality Profiles – Hannah Valentine
Personality Profiles – Hannah Valentine
Sports – Emma Warren
Sports – Masen Fridkin
Sports – Chloe Long
Sports – Courtney Soukup
Sports – Elizabeth Jackoboice
Sports Action Photo – Hannah Valentine
Student Life – Elizabeth Jackoboice
Student Life – Megan McCormack
Student Life Photo – Stephanie Ostrander
Theme Development – Stephanie Ostrander
Theme Development – Lauren Dwyer
Academics – Marie Orrick


Kirkwood High School,

Graphic Design – Callie Mechelke
Graphic Design – Carson Keeling
Index – Mary Kate Brennan
Personality Profiles – Elizabeth Dell’Orco
Student Life – Olivia Rav

St. Charles

Francis Howell North High School

Academics – Alyssa Juris
Academics – Shelby Odle
Personality Profiles – Olivia Biele
Student Life – Kristen Landon
Student Life – Quentin White
Clubs or Organizations – Bryce Fletcher
Clubs or Organizations – Lavanya Kolluru
Sports – Kristina Pratt
Advertising – Courtney Olsen
Student Life – Jessie Biondo




Tucumcari High School,

Academics – Sergio Reyes
Advertising – Ryanne Lopez




Antwerp Local School,

Academic Photo – Annie Miesle
Feature Photo – Becca Johanns


Dublin Coffman High School,

Clubs or Organizations Photo – Drew Ponton



Pawleys Island

Waccamaw High School,
Student Life Photo – Aaron Jordan




Christ Presbyterian Academy,

Academics – Anna Avinger
Caption Writing – Madison Hutts
Clubs or Organizations – Maggie Cothren
Headline Writing – Kendall McEvoy
Personality Profiles – AJ Thomas
Sports – Annie West
Sports – Emily Duke
Sports Action Photo – Jessica Huddleston
Student Life – Madison Hutts
Student Life – Tyler Jones
Theme Development – Madelyn Bomar
Sports – Cooper Reynolds




James W. Martin High School,

Index – Morgan Ellis
Personality Profiles – Megan Garland


McCallum High School,

Academic Photo – Ashley Chamberlain
Academics – Celeste Montes de Oca
Academics – Molly Farkas
Academics – Sarah Lightfoot
Academics – Georgia Boutot
Advertising – Alana Raper
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Ashley Chamberlain
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Madison Olsen
Personality Profiles – Alana Raper
Sports – Kimberly Cochrane
Sports – Myla Perny
Sports – Kennedy Schuelke
Sports Action Photo – Christina Beck
Sports Action Photo – Isak Contreras
Sports Action Photo – Kennedy Schuelke


Westlake High School,

Academics – Elena Puccetti
Academics – Racic Fernandez
Advertising – Elena Pucceti
Caption Writing – Lacey Shoemaker
Caption Writing – Lacey Shoemaker
Feature Photo – Brayden Clark
Graphic Design – Megan Rizzi
Graphic Design – Megan Rizzi
Personality Profiles – Andrew Auth
Sports – Audrey Sutter
Sports Action Photo – Jesse Olguin
Sports Action Photo – Jesse Olguin

El Paso

El Dorado High School,

Graphic Design – Kelsey Gibson

Haltom City

Haltom City High School,

Academic Photo – Ashley Harrison
Caption Writing – Hannah Gonzalez
Caption Writing – Kaleigh Miller-Mosley
Caption Writing – Kayla Starnes
Clubs or Organizations Photo – Samantha Ledesma
Index – Danielle Robinson
People – Kayla Starnes
Student Life – Ammysadday Hernandez
Student Life Photo – Ammysadday Hernandez
People – Kayla Starnes


Jersey Village High School,

Feature Photo – Christine Le
Personality Profiles – Christine Le
Personality Profiles – Christine Le
Personality Profiles – Damaris De Leon


Texas High School,

Advertising – Michelle Moser
Student Life – Olivia Johnson
Student Life – Hannah Hayes

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