2013 Jostens – Quill and Scroll Yearbook Excellence Contest Winners

Judges selected 257 national winners in the 2013 Jostens and Quill and Scroll Yearbook Excellence Contest. More than 1,800 entries were evaluated.

The professionals serving as judges commended the heightened creativity of the winners. The judges also commented on the fine reporting, in-depth captions, and strong visual packages of the winning pieces. In addition, the theme development winners were commended for their unique designs and diligent work in producing creative yearbooks.

Gold Keys and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to yearbook staff members recognized in this year’s contest.

Sweepstakes winners (see list below) will receive plaques from Jostens. The 2013 contest had two enrollment categories (A – 750 student enrollment or more; and B – 749 or less) which accounts for the 36 sweepstakes winners. The number of winners in each of 18 categories are: Theme Development: A-6, B-3; Student Life: A-13, B-7; Academics: A-7, B-8; Clubs and Organizations: A-8, B-9; Sports: A-9, B-7;  People: A-5  B-5; Advertising: A-12, B-4;  Sports Action Photo: A-11, B-8; Academic Photo: A-9, B-6; Student Life Photo: A-9 B-5; Clubs and Organizations Photo: A-8 B-5; Feature Photo: A-12, B-7; Graphic Design: A-16, B-7; Photo Illustration A-6 B-4; Index: A-12, B-4; Headline Writing and Design: A-4 B-3; Caption Writing A-7 B-4; and Personality Profiles A-13 B-8.

Sweepstakes Winners

Theme Development

Meghan Gomillion
Westlake High School (Class A)

Jillian Bradford
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Student Life

Mackenzie Hall
Westlake High School (Class A)

Anna Koning
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)



Lauren Wood
Bryant High School (Class A)

Dana Rozell
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)


Clubs And Organizations

Jennifer Faucett
Blue Valley Northwest High School (Class A)

Bailey Crawford
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)



Catherine Festa
McKinney High School (Class A)

Lucy Curfman
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)



Liz Mayer
Francis Howell North High School (Class A)

Morgan Clark People
Sedona Red Rock High School (Class B)



Rowan Pugh
Francis Howell North High School (Class A)

Chris Pichardo
Windermere Preparatory School (Class B)


Sports Action Photo

Monica Castellon
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Class A)

Katie Pope
Minnehaha Academy (Class B)


Academic Photo

Nick Corn
Bryant High School (Class A)

Michael Veloz
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Student Life Photo

Katie Knutson
Blue Valley Northwest High School (Class A)

Natalie Moran
Notre Dame De Sion High School (Class B)


Clubs/Organizations Photo

Elizabeth Johnson
El Dorado High School (Class A)

Neda Awad
Notre Dame De Sion High School (Class B)


Feature Photo

Robert Smith
Winnacunnet High School (Class A)

Katherine Sena
Tucumcari High School (Class B)


Graphic Design

Shafer Jonas
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Brad Coles
Windermere Preparatory School (Class B)


Photo Illustration

Nate Compton
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Class A)

Hannah Tutera
Notre Dame De Sion High School (Class B)



Lauren Frazier
McKinney High School (Class A)

Justice Steele
St. Clair County High School (Class B)


Headline Writing And Design

Lesley Bellinger
Bryant High School (Class A)

Hayley Park
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Caption Writing

Audrey Guillen
El Dorado High School (Class A)

Hayley Park
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Personality Profiles

Madelyn Newton
Francis Howell Central High School (Class A)

Heather Ishida
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


National Winners

(*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category, ~ Four Time Winner in a category)


Odenville—St. Clair County High School—Ben Foushee, Photo Illustration; Justice Steele, Index*; Kimary Causey-Dickerson, Student Life; Morgan Ciniglio, Graphic Design.


Monette—Buffalo Island Central High School—Greydon Williams, Academic Photo.

Sedona—Sedona Red Rock High School—Aviva Tannin, Academics; Emily Gillit, Clubs/Organizations; Morgan Clark, Feature Photo, People*#, Student Life Photo; Christian Vergara, Headline Writing and Design; Haley Davis, Student Life Photo; Laura Aviles, Clubs/Organizations Photo.


Bryant—Bryant High School—Abby Resendiz, Academics; Amber Easterly, Index; Ashley Collins, Academic Photo; Bethany Pilcher, Student Life Photo, Clubs/Organizations Photo; Lauren Wood, Academics*, Sports; Lesley Bellinger, Academics, Caption Writing, Headline Writing and Design*; Nick Corn, Academic Photo, Clubs/Organizations Photo; Parker Pamplin, Photo Illustration, Student Life Photo; Ross Grant, Advertising#; Sydney Cowell, Personality Profiles, Theme Development; Brianna Davis, Student Life; Whitney Butler, Academic Photo, Sports Action Photo.



Panorama City—St. Genevieve High School—Michael Luntzel, Sports Action Photo.

Redlands—Arrowhead Christian Academy—Emp Huang, Feature Photograph, Sports Action Photo, Student Life Photo; Hayley Park, Caption Writing*, Headline Writing and Design*, People, Sports, Student Life; Christina Fournier, Caption Writing; Kylee Clark, Caption Writing; Chandler Stier, Clubs/Organizations; Julia Naman, People, Personality Profiles, Sports; Anna Koning, Advertising, Graphic Design#, Index, Student Life*; Makayla Marvin, Personality Profiles, Student Life; Jillian Bradford, Personality Profiles, Student Life, Theme Development*; Jenny Kim, Advertising; Kristen DeVore, Photo Illustration, Sports, Sports Action Photo; Michael Veloz, Academic Photo*; Dongwhee Won, Sports Action Photo, Student Life Photo; Heather Ishida, Personality Profiles*.

Saugus—Saugus High School—Cole Sanders, Index.


Lewes—Cape Henlopen High—Aly Fisher, Advertising#.


Orlando—Oak Ridge High School—Deion Scott, Sports; Crystal Sanchez, Academic Photo, Index.

—William R. Boone High School—Kayla Combs, Theme Development; Olivia Rees, Student Life; Delaney Arkeilpane, Graphic Design; Kaitlyn Dike, Index.

Oviedeo—Hagerty High School—Gabrielle Spangenberg, Clubs/Organizations; Danielle Nuszkowski, People; Tyler Copeland, Sports Action Photo; Elaina Fohr, Academic Photo; Abigail Lacaillade, Student Life.

Windermere—Windermere Preparatory School—Alex Schwartz, Academics#; Valentina Guerrero, Clubs/Organizations; Chris Pichardo, Advertising*; Brad Coles, Graphic Design*#; Sarah Shbaklo, Feature Photograph; Jo Farshi, Index; Nick Springett, Feature Photograph; Jaclyn Ryan, Feature Photograph.


Brunswick—Glynn Academy—Valerie Cook, People.

Cumming—West Forsyth High School—Aliya Seymour, People; Maddie Malmfeldt, Advertising; Shannon Gerhard, Advertising.

Dawsonville—Dawson County High School—Miranda Abe, Student Life Photo. Personality Profile.


Munster—Munster High School—Priya Pierie, Student Life; Ally Ylo, Graphic Design; Elena Piech, Personality Profile; Mia Torres, Graphic Design.

N. Manchester—Manchester Jr-Sr High School—Rachel Brandenburg, Academics#; Noah Johnson, Academic Photo, Graphic Design, Theme Development.

Noblesville—Guerin Catholic High School—Natalie Weber, Sports Action Photo.


Johnston—Johnston High School—Bonnie Le Page, Graphic Design; Anna Lam, Feature Photograph; Clara Carlson, Caption Writing; Laura Schwartz, Clubs/Organizations Photo.


Overland Park—Blue Valley Northwest HS—Jennifer Faucett, Clubs/Organizations*#; Rebecca Jenkins, Personality Profiles; Jackie Roth, Personality Profiles; Erin Dimon, Personality Profiles; Katie Knutson, Student Life Photo*; Caroline Kallmeyer, Clubs/Organizations Photo.

—Shawnee Mission North HS—Andrew Nevins, Caption Writing, Student Life; Kathryn Tannahill, Caption Writing; Kristin Enyart, Graphic Design, Theme Development; Garrett Young, Sports; Joe Roubinek, Sports; Shelby Robertson, Advertising, Index; Tayler Anderson, Sports Action Photo; Chris Tomlinson, Sports Action Photo; Shafer Jonas, Graphic Design*#; Goldia Kiteck, Clubs/Organizations Photo; Kylene Hammer, Feature Photograph; Gabe Alejos, Feature Photograph.

Shawnee—Shawnee Mission Northwest HS—Yearbook Staff, Theme Development; Mallory Baker, Academics; Sean Collins, Sports; Sarah Godke, Clubs/Organizations; Harley Knapp, Student Life; Laura Assmann, Student Life; Monica Castellon, Sports Action Photo*; Katie Marolf, Index; Brooke Golladay, Graphic Design; Nate Compton, Photo Illustration*.


Bowling Green—Bowling Green High School—Jordan Basham, Sports Action Photo.


Fenton—Fenton High School—Sarah Lawrence, Index; Alexis Kelly, Feature Photograph.

Sterling Heights—Stevenson High School—DeCarlo Miles, Academic Photo; Lauren Desantis, Graphic Design; Ashley Krywy, Feature Photograph; Christopher Holman, Index.


Minneapolis—Minnehaha Academy—Katie Chamberlain, Academic Photo, Theme Development; Katie Pope, Sports Action Photo*; Keturah Scott,Academic Photo#.


Fenton—Rockwood Summit HS—Emily Cissi, Feature Photograph; Mary Thaier, Feature Photograph.

Kansas City—Notre Dame de Sion HS—Katie Eilert, Caption Writing; Dana Rozell, Academics*#; Sophie Snider, Academics; Lucy Curfman, Sports*; Hannah Tutera, Headline Writing and Design, Photo Illustration*, Sports; Danielle Hogerty, Sports; Jenna Dickey, Sports; Bailey Crawford, Clubs/Organizations*; Brittany Koppers, Clubs/Organizations, Index; Claire Kramer, Clubs/Organizations, Personality Profiles; Mattie Carter, Clubs/Organizations, Clubs/Organizations Photo, People; Sophie Snider, Student Life; Alexis Wolfe, Student Life; Kamryn Schropp, Advertising; Callan Bell, Photo Illustration; Meghan Gordon, Graphic Design, Personality Profiles#; Samantha Ruiz, Personality Profiles; Natalie Moran, Student Life Photo*; Neda Awad, Clubs/Organizations Photo*.

Kirkwood—Kirkwood High School—Meredith Bouchein, Sports Action Photo; Maddie Cummings, Graphic Design; Alexandra Dell’Orco, Graphic Design; Grace Godsy, Personality Profiles.

St. Charles—Francis Howell Central HS—Katie Crank, Academics, Clubs/Organizations; Madelyn Newton, Personality Profile*; Evan Pagan, Personality Profiles.

—Francis Howell North HS—Aiza Bustos, Clubs/Organizations; Liz Mayer, People*; Liz Leonard, Student Life; Rowan Pugh, Advertising*#; Kayla Andrzejewski, Graphic Design, Photo Illustration; Fionna Cruz, Graphic Design, Index; Paige Martinez, Photo Illustration; Cameron McCarty, Feature Photograph; Matt Krieg, Academic Photo.



Las Vegas—Southwest Career and Technical Academy—Tamara Navarro, Student Life.


Hampton—Winnacunnet High School—Robert Smith, Feature Photograph*.


Tucumcari—Tucumcari High School—Amanda Aragon, Clubs/Organizations, Clubs/Organizations Photo#, Feature Photograph; Leah Encinias, Clubs/Organizations, Sports Action Photo; Genesis Rodriquez, Sports Action Photo; Katherine Sena, Feature Photograph*.


Raleigh—Athens Drive High School—Kaanchee Gandhi, Academic Photo, Clubs/Organizations, Personality Profiles.



Arlington—Martin High School—Valarre Sherrill, Advertising; Kelsey Shoemaker, Clubs/Organizations Photo; Melody Asgari, Feature Photograph; Rachel Gan, Index.

Austin—Westlake High School—Meghan Gomillion, Theme Development*; Katie Kimery, Sports; Mackenzie Hall, Student Life*; Laura Gilligan, Sports Action Photo Student Life Photo; Sarah Guthrie, Clubs/Organizations Photo; Dana Capotosto, Graphic Design.

Beaumont—West Brook HS—Taylor Lenna, Student Life Photo.

Corpus Christi—Calallen High School—Storm Gracia, Photo Illustration; Cameron Maintosh, Student Life Photo; Michelle Alvarez, Graphic Design.

Cypress—Cy-Fair High School—Nicie Flores, Academics; Christianne Phillips, Personality Profile.

El Paso—El Dorado High School—Audrey Guillen, Caption Writing*, Sports; Miranda Anaya, Clubs/Organizations; Leslie Garza, Student Life; Jacob Gardea, Advertising, Headline Writing and Design; Alejandra Ixta, Sports Action Photo#; Ernesto Acosta, Academic Photo; Victoria Compean, Headline Writing and Design; Alejandra Flores, Feature Photograph, Personality Profile; Elizabeth Johnson, Clubs/Organizations Photo*.

Frisco—Frisco High School—Aaron Martin, Feature Photograph.

Houston—Jersey Village High School—Evie Sweeten, Student Life Photo.

McKinney—McKinney High School—Daniel Oleson, Caption Writing, Student Life; Kayla Crowley, Caption Writing Personality Profiles; Lauren Frazier, Academics, Index*; Catherine Festa, Headline Writing and Design, Sports*; Brittany Stout, Sports, Student Life Photo; Alexis Ludwig, People; Jackie Harrison, Advertising; Jessica Velez, Sports Action Photo; Jackie Harrison, Graphic Design, Photo Illustration.


Chantilly—Chantilly High School—Yearbook Staff, Theme Development; Alexa Reed, Student Life; Patrick Linehan, Index.


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