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Online News Association shares resources from ONA17


By Julie Dodd
Q&S Board Member

ONA17 The Online News Association is sharing audio and video from sessions at ONA17, the 3-day convention held Oct. 5-7, in Washington, DC. More than 3,000 media professionals attended the conference.

You can attend sessions via your computer or smartphone.

More than two dozen recorded sessions provide trends and strategies in the news industry. High school media advisers and students can use some of those insights in their own media.

Two examples of sessions are:

10 Tech Trends in Journalism” – Amy Webb, CEO of Future Today Institute

Fitting Big Journalism on Instagram” – Shannon Busta, Platform Strategist for the Globe and Mail

The ONA17 website also includes the winners of the Online Journalism Awards. You can read the backstory of how each news project was created and some of the challenges each team faced.

You can follow ONA on Twitter @ONA or visit the website journalists.org

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