Eight students named to 2020-21 Student Advisory Board


Eight outstanding students from chapters across the United States have been named to the 2020-21 Quill and Scroll Student Advisory Board.

All eight students have been inducted into Quill and Scroll, and all eight submitted applications in which they outlined a proposal for Quill and Scroll activities in the coming year. They also wrote about the value of scholastic journalism in their schools and communities.

Here are the eight students chosen by Quill and Scroll to serve:

  • Emma Diehl, J.W. Mitchell High School, New Port Richey, Florida
  • Jennifer Xia, Northview High School, Johns Creek, Georgia
  • Emily Rivera, John A. Ferguson High School, Miami, Florida
  • Paige Jansen, Ade-Desoto-Minburn High School, Adel, Iowa
  • Grant Johnson, Rock Hill High School, Frisco, Texas
  • Calina He, Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana
  • Kathleen Ortiz, Kingwood Park High School, Kingwood, Texas
  • Mizuki Kai, Bellair High School, Bellair, Texas

The students will meet later in September to begin planning a Quill and Scroll initiative that will help every Quill and Scroll chapter lift its voice.

The purpose of the Quill and Scroll Advisory Board is threefold:

  1. To plan and execute a nation-wide pro-journalism activity every year in conjunction with the Journalism Education Association, the national journalism teachers’ organization.
  2. To provide counsel to Quill and Scroll chapters around the world about possible activities for their chapters.
  3. To provide counsel to the Quill and Scroll Executive Director and staff about the organization’s membership benefits, contests and other activities.

The activities should:

  • Promote and embody at least one of the eight lights in the Quill and Scroll induction ceremony: Truth, Leadership, Loyalty, Initiative, Integrity, Judgment, Friendship and Learning.
  • Bring together Quill and Scroll chapter members from across a school and across the world to work on a unified project.
  • Reach out to the school and/or community from which a chapter draws its students.
  • Have a broader impact in promoting the ideals of scholastic journalism, as they relate to the eight lights.

The SAB will announce its plans in early October and make all of its work available to every Quill and Scroll chapter around the world.

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