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Membership Questions
1. How can I find out if my high school has a charter?

Check the list of school members on our website here. If you don’t see your school’s name, you can double check by sending a quick email to either Jeff Browne or Judy Hauge.

2. Do I need to purchase a Membership Registry  for each of my students?

You do not need to purchase a Membership Registry for each of your students for them to be registered members. The ‘Membership Registry’ is a form we send to you to help you keep track of all of your students and their awards.

3. Does the membership pin come with the membership?

Included in the induction fee ($25 per student) is a membership pin of choice, membership certificate and a one-year subscription to Quill & Scroll magazine.

4. Is there an annual membership fee for students or for my school?

No. Once students or schools become members of Quill and Scroll, they are members for life. There is no annual membership fee.

5. What is the deadline to induct students?

There is no deadline. Students who meet the membership requirements can be inducted at any time.

6. Can I just order the graduation honor cords for my seniors?

The Quill and Scroll graduation honor cords can be ordered for any senior who is a member. Honor cords and other student awards may be purchased when nominating students for induction.

7. I inducted students last year that I would like to order editor pins for this year. Can I order just pins or do I have to pay the $25 induction fee again?

You can just order pins from the member-pin options. Once students are members, they do not need to “renew” memberships. Only new members must pay the membership fee upon joining.

Contest and Evaluation Questions

1. How many contests does Quill and Scroll offer?

Quill and Scroll offers two contests – the Yearbook Excellence Contest and the International Writing, Photography and Multimedia Contest, which includes a Blogging Competition and a contest for middle and junior high school students. We also provide the News Media Evaluation over the summer, which evaluates and rates newspapers and news magazines.

In addition, Quill and Scroll helps other organizations and companies to conduct their journalism-related contests. In the past, these have included the Association of American Publishers, Allstate Foundation and the Olive Garden contests. You can find more information on those other contests here.

Charter Questions

1. I advise the yearbook and there are different advisers for the newspaper, etc. Does each adviser have to apply for a Quill and Scroll Charter?

No, the charter is granted to the school and covers all school-sponsored journalism and media programs.

2. Are there annual dues to continue the Quill and Scroll Charter?

No, there are no annual dues.

3. I am a new journalism adviser and our school has a Quill and Scroll Charter. Are there required activities or meetings?

Quill and Scroll has no requirements for school chapters to have specific activities or meetings. Each school chapter is unique and can be as active as the journalism adviser and students choose. We encourage chapters to include Quill and Scroll members from all media programs at the school. Recommended activities include electing student officers and engaging in service activities, such as producing the school’s website, broadcast announcements or the PTO newsletter, conducting programs to teach elementary or middle school students journalistic skills, raising funds for media staffs to participate in workshops, or planning Constitution Day observances for the high school.