More than 340 writers and photographers honored in
2013 Quill and contest

GOLD KEYS and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to 342 writers and photographers in the 2013 International Writing and Photography Contest, sponsored by Quill and Scroll and

A total of 2,436 entries were received for the 2013 contest (which includes 13 disqualified entries) in all 14 divisions for a total of 270 entries selected as national winners and 342 individual student winners.

Sweepstakes winners (except in the In-Depth Team category where each student will receive a special certificate) receive a plaque. All individual winners receive a Gold Key.

Gold Key winners are eligible as seniors to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell or George and Ophelia Gallup Memorial journalism scholarships.

The professional journalists who served as judges commented on the outstanding quality of work in the entries. The students’ hard work made the competition intense.

Sweepstakes Winners

Editorial Writing

Reyna Garcia
Castro Valley High School
Castro Valley, California

Editorial Cartoon

Levi Dillon
Hershey High School
Hershey, Pennsylvania

News Writing

Marek Makowski
Huntley High School
Huntley, Illinois

Photography/News Feature

Kristin Taylor
Granite Bay High School
Granite Bay, California


Kyle Crawford
Carmel High School
Carmel, Indiana

Feature Writing

Amanda Weisbrod
Lakota East High School
Liberty Township, Ohio

Opinion Columns

Mitchell Riportella
Maine West High School
Des Plaines, Illinois

Review Columns

Monica Tan
Westlake High School
Austin, Texas


Claudia Huang
Carmel High School
Carmel, Indiana


Rachel Podnar
Mohinee Mukherjee
Natasha Rausch
Shivang Patel
Kaitlin Lange
Lakota East High School
Liberty Township, Ohio


Ben Bishop
Seaholm High School
Birmingham, Michigan

Sports Writing

Max Friend
Redwood High School
Larkspur, California

Photo Illustration

Martha Schick
John Carroll School
Bel Air, Maryland


Emily Hampson
Francis Howell North High School
Saint Charles, Missouri

National Winners

 [*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]


Bryant – Bryant High School – Ashton Eley, Editorial, Infographics, Feature Writing, Sports Writing; Evan Goodrich, Opinion Columns; Jake Knight, News Writing; Jessica Mann, Opinion Columns; Morgan Rullmann, Review Columns; Parker Pamplin, Photography Sports

Fayetteville – Haas Hall Academy – Christina Wilkerson, Feature Writing; Ryan Kirkpatrick, Editorial Cartoon#


Phoenix Thunderbird High School – Meredith Morrissey, Feature Writing, Sports Writing

Sedona — Sedona Red Rock — Emma Geurts, Advertisement; Haley Davis, Opinion Columns


Castro Valley – Castro Valley High School – Joyce Liang, In-Depth Team; Kristen Jensen, In-Depth Team; Leia Saelee, In-Depth Team; Melody Moteabbed, In-Depth Team; Natalie Fazeli, News Writing; Reyna Garcia, Editorial*, In-Depth Team

Fullerton – Fullerton Union High School — Adina Corke, Photography News Feature

Granite Bay – Granite Bay High School – Chris Pei, Review Columns; Kristin Taylor, Photography Sports#, Photography News Feature*#; Sydney Kahmann, News Writing; Megan Hansen, Review Column; Haley Massara, Editorial

La Crescenta — Clark Magnet High School — David Olvera-Sanchez, News Writing

Lafayette – Acalanes High School – Adrienne Lee,  Review Column; Alice Bishop, Editorial; Brad Wash, Photography Sports#; Clare Varellas, News Writing; Adrienne Lee, Review Column, Feature Writing; Ruth Shaffer, Editorial Cartoon

Larkspur – Redwood High School – Alexander Herz, Opinion Columns; Ben Suliteanu, Photography News Feature, Photography Sports#; Broden Farazmand, Review Columns, Editorial Cartoon; Elena Sullivan, Editorial Cartoon; Grace Goodrich, Editorial; Luke Armstrong, In-Depth Individual; Max Friend, Photography Sports, Photography News Feature, Sports Writing*; Brittany Tholan, Photo Illustration

Los Angeles – Shalhevet High School – Alexa Fishman, Review Columns; Rose Bern, Feature Writing; Sarah Soroudi News Writing

Redlands — Redlands High School — Kandin Maraquin, Opinion Columns

Santa Cruz – Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School – Acacia Lommen-Nelson, In-Depth Team; Adriana Brock, In-Depth Team; Lucy Saldavia, In-Depth Team; Ry Faraola, In-Depth Team; Zoe Gregozek, In-Depth Team


Aurora — Aurora Grandview High School — Emily Harmon, Review Columns#; Julia Shuster, Editorial Cartoon

Centennial — Arapahoe High School — Melanie Archipley, Opinion Columns#


Atlanta – Henry W. Grady High School – Axel Olson, Editorial Cartoon; Isabelle Taft, In-Depth Individual; Joe Lavine, Opinion Columns; Ryan Switzer, Opinion Columns; Sammi Dean, Editorial; Will Staples, Editorial Cartoon; Troy Kleber, Editorial

Decatur – Decatur High School – Charlie Shew, Sports Writing; Fikrea Tesema, In-Depth Individual; Kate McReynolds, Feature Writing; Wilson Witherspoon, Editorial


Chicago – University High School – Rolland Long, News Writing; Sonia Bourdaghs, In-Depth Individual

Deerfield – Deerfield High School – Isabel Glass, Opinion Columns; Josh Rosenblat, Feature Writing

Des Plaines – Maine West High School – Aaron Cunanan, Editorial Cartoon; Chris Hoffmann, Opinion Columns; Mackenzie Moore, News Writing; Mitchell Riportella, Editorial, Opinion Columns*

Downers Grove — Downers Grove North High School — Kevin Mitchell, Opinion Columns; Lanie Maresh, Photography News Feature

Huntley – Huntley High School – Kat Gorospe, Review Column; Marek Makowski, News Writing*, In-Depth Individual; Michael Krebs, Photography News Feature; Miranda Peterson, Editorial, Sports Writing; Thomas Heagney, Sports Writing, Review Column; Thomas Heagney, In-Depth Individual

Rolling Meadows – Rolling Meadows High School – Joe Salvato, Review Columns; Liam Brady, Sports Writing

St. Charles – St. Charles East High School – Abby Beavan, News Writing; Jeff Jacobson, Review Column


Bloomington – Bloomington High School South – Amanda Brooks-Kelly, Feature Writing

Carmel – Carmel High School – Claudia Huang, In-Depth Individual*; David Choe, Editorial Cartoon; Kyle Crawford, Photography Sports*#; Kyle Walker, Feature Writing; Liane Yue, Infographics; Linsu Han, News Writing; Naomi Reibold, In-Depth Individual; Omeed Malekmarzban, Photo Illustration; Pablo Paliza-Carre, Review Columns; Rushi Patel, In-Depth Individual; Connie Chu, Infographics

Fishers — Fishers High School — Hailey Rennier, News Writing

Indianapolis – Lawrence Central High School – Ali Duff, In-Depth Team; Carley Lanich, In-Depth Team; Caroline Varie, In-Depth Team; Darian Benson, In-Depth Team; Samantha Strong, Photo Illustration, In-Depth Team

Munster – Munster High School – Zachary Suggs, Photography News Feature


Council Bluffs — Lewis Central High School — Taylor Underwood, Advertisement

Davenport – Davenport Central High School – April Newell, In-Depth Team; Arika Allen, In-Depth Team#; Daniel Derby; Dennis Gibbs, In-Depth Team#; Jordan Lafrenz, In-Depth Team; Kaleb Shondel, In-Depth Team; Karsten Jasper, In-Depth Team; Nick Lafrenz, In-Depth Team#; Rachel Oles, In-Depth Team; Sequan Gatlin, In-Depth Team^; Shelby Woolison, In-Depth Team; Susan Dirks, In-Depth Team; Will McKay, In-Depth Team; Davenport West High School — Ali Marten, Sports Writing; Tracy Vo, In-Depth Individual

Iowa City – City High School – Alex Perez, Feature Writing; West High School — Aileen Norris, Advertisement; Frank Welrich, Photo Illustration; Leela Sathyaputri, Editorial Cartoon; Olive Carrollhach, Infographics; Paul Curry, Opinion Columns; Pombie Silverman, Sports Writing

Johnston – Johnston High School – Austin Busch, Photography News Feature

West Branch – West Branch High School – Sarah Fischer, Editorial, News Writing


Goddard — Eisenhower High School — Courtney Banks, Sports Writing; Courtney Swinger, Photography News Feature, News Writing

Prairie Village – Shawnee Mission East – Anne Willman, News Writing; Jake Crandall, Photography News Feature; Julia Poe, Feature Writing; Maddie Schoemann, Photography Sports; Matt Hanson, Feature Writing; McKenzie Swanson, Photography Sports; Morgan Krakow, Opinion Columns; Sarah Berger, Opinion Columns

Shawnee – Shawnee Mission Northwest High School – Evan Shinn, Review; Michael Catt, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ashlee Crane, In-Depth Reporting Team; Maria Davison, In-Depth Reporting Team; Rachel Ferencz, In-Depth Reporting Team; Alex Stoll, News Photo; Sarah Dean, News Photo; Anna Mollanen, General Columns


Paducah — Paducah Trighman — Savanna Whelan. Editorial Cartoon


Bel Air – John Carroll School – Hope Kelly, In-Depth Team; Lauren Fabiszak, In-Depth Team; Martha Schick, Infographics, Photo Illustration*, News Writing; Meredith Haggerty, In-Depth Team


Newton – Newton North High School – Malini Gandhi, Feature Writing


Birmingham – Seaholm High School – Ben Bishop, Advertisement*, Infographics; Kathleen Davis, Feature Writing; Lenny Teterian, Editorial Cartoon; Sumer Ghazala, News Writing, Feature Writing; Taylor Wyllie, Sports Writing

Grosse Pointe Farms – Grosse Pointe South High School – Annabel Ames, Editorial; Grace Martinez, Editorial Cartoon; Klara Gellci, Feature Writing; Price Zimmer, Review Columns; Thomas Keating, Review Columns

Shelby TNP – Eisenhower High School – Kayla Varicalli, Opinion Columns

Southfield – Southfield High School – Aariston Dawson, Sports Writing; Emanne Johnson, Photo Illustration; Jonathan Moore, Editoria; Morgan Barbour, Review Columns; Raejine Wright, Editorial Cartoon

Sterling Heights – Stevenson High School – Anita Kljajic, In-Depth Individual; Carlton Reynolds, Editorial Cartoon#


Minneapolis – Minnehaha Academy – Frances Hoekstra, Editorial; Jorie Schwab, Feature Writing; Maddie Binning, Photography News Feature, News Writing; Yasmina Benner, Photography Sport


Chesterfield — Marquette High School — Meera Zassenhaus, Photo Illustration, Feature Writing; Nina Luo, News Writing, Editorial Cartoon; Sydney Kalmes, Photography News Feature

Fenton – Rockwood Summit High School – Taylor Strader, Sports Writing

Kansas City — Stanley High School — Leigha Chenoweth, Editorial Cartoon; Marcus Weaver, Editorial Cartoon

Kirkwood — Kirkwood High School — Jane Manwarring, Review Columns; Katie Puryear, Editorial; Lucy Dwyer, Feature Writing

St. Charles – Francis Howell North High School – Aurora Blanchard, Editorial, In-Depth Team; Cameron McCarty, Photo Illustration, Photography Sports, Photography News Feature; Daniel Bodden, Feature Writing; Emily Hampson, Infographics*; Jordan Bryson, In-Depth Team; Matt Krieg, Photography News Feature; Megan Hefner, Advertisement; Nick Busseu, In-Depth Team; Nick Ponche, In-Depth Team;  Sophie Gordon, In-Depth Individual, In-Depth Team; Maddie Hiatt, Infographics

Webster Groves — Webster Groves High School — Cristina Vasques-Muniz, Review Columns


Omaha – Omaha Westside High School – Aren Rendell, Sports Writing; Emma Johanningsmeier, News Writing; Joe Hack, Editorial; Kellie Wasikowski, Feature Writing

New Jersey

Cherry Hill – Cherry Hill High School East – Jack Braunstein, Feature Writing; Joel Greenspan, Editorial Cartoon; Sherin Nassar, Sports Writing

Wall Township – Communications High School – Alana Barofsky, In-Depth Team; Anna Robinson, In-Depth Team; Ashley Chu, In-Depth Team; Brianna Dazio, Photography News Feature; Caroline Ibarra, In-Depth Team; Cassidy DeStefano, In-Depth Team; Emily Kazenmayer, In-Depth Team; Francesca Cocchi, In-Depth Team; Gina Maurer    In-Depth Team; Hannah Wallach, News Writing, In-Depth Team; Jackie Child, In-Depth Team; Kiera Brennan    In-Depth Team; Mary Saydah, In-Depth Team; Olivia Iannone, In-Depth Team; Sarah Dean, In-Depth Team; Tricia Lowney, In-Depth Team

New Mexico

Ojo Caliente — Mesa Vista Middle & High School — Kristin Maestas, Editorial

New York

DeWitt – Manlius Pebble Hill School – Will Kniesner, Sports Writing

Dobbs Ferry – The Masters School – Lily Herzan, News Writing; Teerin Julsawad, Sports Writing; Tyler Pager, Sports Writing

North Carolina

Charlotte — East Mecklenburg High School — Alison Litvinova, Opinion Columns; Urvi Sinha, Opinion Columns; Jamont Henderson, Editorial


Amherst — Amherst Steele High School — Halie Marie Vilagi, Review Column

Dublin — Dublin Coffman High School — Abbey Willette, News Writing; Kelsey Payne, Feature Writing

Liberty Township – Lakota East High School – Alexa Chryssovergis, Opinion Columns, In-Depth Team; Amanda Weisbrod, In-Depth Team; Feature Writing *; Angela Ferguson, In-Depth Team; Arvind Madhavan, In-Depth Team; Chris Bowling, In-Depth Team; Claire Middleton, Sports Writing; Claire Schomaker, In-Depth Team; Daphne Ocran, In-Depth Team; Dillon Mitchell, In-Depth Team#; Hannah Eads, In-Depth Team; Jasmine Tuazon, In-Depth Team, Feature Writing; Jeff Back, Infographics; Lakota East High School, Josh Shi, Opinion Columns; In-Depth Team; Judy Nguyen, Editorial Cartoon; Kaitlin Lange, News Writing, In-Depth Individual, In-Depth Team*#; Kenzie Walters, Photo Illustration; Lauren Fang, In-Depth Team; Maddie McGarvey, Sports Writing; Madison Shelton, In-Depth Team, Feature Writing; Michael Tedesco, Photo Illustration; Mohinee Mukherjee, In-Depth Team*, Morgan Bain, In-Depth Team#, Natasha Rausch, In-Depth Individual, In-Depth Team*#; Onur Eroglu, In-Depth Team; Rachel Podnar, In-Depth Team*, Shivang Patel, In-Depth Team*, Sophia Li, In-Depth Team; Zach Fulciniti, Opinion Columns, In-Depth Team


Berwyn — Conestoga High School — Courtney Kennedy, Sports Writing; Heather Ward, In-Depth Team; Jenna Spoont, In-Depth Team; Laur Ben-Dor, In-Depth Team; Suproteem Sarhar, In-Depth Team, Haley Xue, Editorial

Hershey — Hershey High School — Levi Dillon, Editorial Cartoon*; Rachel Robertson, News Writing

Rhode Island

Lincoln – Lincoln High School – Alex D’Aloisio, Sports Writing


Austin – Westlake High School – Andy Brown, Opinion Columns; Ben Wallace, Infographics; Catherine Mear, Review Columns; Hailey Cunningham, Opinion Columns; Jacob Prothro, Sports Writing; Michelle Fairorth, Sports Writin; Monica Rao, Feature Writing; Monica Tan, Review Columns*, In-Depth Individual; Tim Whaling, Photo Illustration

Beaumont – West Brooke High School – Faith Henderson, Review Columns

Duncanville – Duncanville High School – Ariana Canchola, Photography News Feature; Olivia Davila, Photography Sports

Houston – Cypress Falls High School – Zac Babb, News Writing; Summer Creek High School – Lisseth Lopez, Feature Writing; Madison Terrier, News Writing; Starr Jauregui, Sports Writing

Richardson – Richardson High School – Anabeth Kanon, Feature Writing; Catherine Stack, News Writing; Demir Candas, Photo Illustration; Garrett Alford, Sports Writing; Talia Richman, Feature Writing

San Antonio – San Antonio Christian High School – Raul Membrano, Photography News Feature


Alexandria – Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology – Colleen Marshall, Photography Sports; Joshua Baquedano, Editorial ; Tanmina Achekzai, News Writing; Ellen Kan, Feature Writing; Amy Ahn, Infographics

Stafford – Mountain View High School – Sami Toal, Review Columns

West Virginia

Morgantown – University High School – Kari DeMicco, Photography News Feature