Two Sweepstakes winners and four National winners have been selected in the inaugural Quill and Scroll International Writing and Photography Contest for middle and junior high school students. Sweepstakes and National awards are presented in each of the three divisions. Sweepstakes winners receive a plaque and National winners receive certificates. Learn more about the annual contest.

Sweepstakes Winners

Feature Writing

Diego Gallegos
Mesa Vista Middle and High School
Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

Photography/News, Feature and Sports

Brianna Capello
David Crockett Middle School
Richmond, Texas


National Winners

New Mexico

Ojo Caliente— Mesa Vista Middle and High School — Raelynn Archuleta, Feature Writing; Marisol Archuleta, Opinion Writing


Richmond — David Crockett Middle School — Raquel Amadi, Photography/ News, Feature and Sports; Oluwasuolabomi Idowu, Photography/ News, Feature and Sports