Judges selected 266 National Winners in the 2012 Walsworth and Quill and Scroll Yearbook Excellence Contest. More than 2,000 entries were evaluated.

The professionals serving as judges commended the heightened creativity of the winners. The judges also commented on the fine reporting, in-depth captions, and strong visual packages of the winning pieces. In addition, the theme development winners were cited for their unique designs and diligent work in producing creative yearbooks.

Gold Keys and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to yearbook staff members recognized in this year’s contest.

Sweepstakes Winners (see list below) will receive plaques from Walsworth. The 2012 contest had a total 36 Sweepstakes Winners of the divisions in the two enrollment categories (A – 750 student enrollment or more; and B – 749 or less). The number of overall winners in each category of the 18 divisions are: Theme Development: A-11, B-5; Student Life: A-8, B-1; Academics: A-9, B-6; Clubs and Organizations: A-11, B-2; Sports: A-10, B-5;  People: A-8  B-3; Advertising: A-14, B-4;  Sports Action Photo: A-17, B-6; Academic Photo: A-10, B-7; Student Life Photo: A-10 B-10; Clubs and Organizations Photo: A-10 B-6; Feature Photo: A-16, B-5; Graphic Design: A-11, B-6; Photo Illustration: A-4 B-4; Index: A-6, B-2; Headline Writing and Design: A-7 B-3; Caption Writing: A-3 B-3; and Personality Profiles: A-16 B-7.

Sweepstakes Winners

Theme Development

Tucker Love
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Miranda Brown
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

Student Life

Sydney Cowell
Bryant High School (Class A)

Jillian Bradford
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Uyen Phan
Bryant High School (Class A)

Haley Mulder
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

Clubs and Organizations

Taylor Keefer
Boone High School (Class A)

Jaclyn Ryan
Windermere Prep School (Class B)


Quinn Murray
McKinney High School (Class A)

Brittany Koppers
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)


Grace Oxley
Bryant High School (Class A)

Jillian Bradford
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)


Morgan O’Neill
Francis Howell North High School (Class A)

Jaclyn Ryan
Windermere Prep School (Class B)

Sports Action Photo

Brooke Wilkinson
Bowling Green High School (Class A)

Collin Callahan
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

Academic Photo

Megan Alford
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Alex Lindberg
Minnehaha Academy (Class B)

Student Life Photo

Michelle Zigler
Rockwood Summit High School (Class A)

Jillian Nelson
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)

Clubs/Organizations Photo

Tiffini Jarvis
Bryant High School (Class A)

Megan Reade
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

Feature Photo

Diane Calderon
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Hannah Kutch
White Oak High School (Class B)

Graphic Design

Brianna Schroer
Francis Howell North High School (Class A)

Elizabeth Horne
White Oak High School (Class B)

Photo Illustration

Brianna Schroer
Francis Howell North High School (Class A)

Trent McDaniel
St. Clair County High School (Class B)


Sydney Studer
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Erin Barents
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

Headline Writing and Design

Brady Klein
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Class A)

Andrea Santa Maria
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)

Caption Writing

Kristin Enyart
Shawnee Mission North High School (Class A)

Claire Martin
Notre Dame de Sion High School (Class B)

Personality Profiles

Katherine Pope
Kirkwood High School (Class A)

Katie DeVore
Arrowhead Christian Academy (Class B)

National Winners

[*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category, ~ Four Time Winner in a category]


Odenville — St. Clair County High School — Trent McDaniel, Photo Illustration*; Kaitlyn Phillips, Graphic Design


Bryant — Bryant High School — Amber Easterly, Sports; Charlie Hunnicutt, Feature Photo, Student Life Photo; Grace Finley, Feature Photo; Grace Oxley, People*, Graphic Design#; Jasmine Av, People, Personality Profile; Jordan Morehead, Advertising; Katie Cowart, Student Life Photo#, Academic Photo; Rachel Bacon, Clubs and Organizations; Ross Grant, Sports; Sydney Cowell, Student Life*; Tiffini Jarvis, Clubs, Organizations Photo*; Uyen Phan, Academics*

Fort Smith — Southside High School — Kristen Tyler, Theme Development; Shelby Love, Advertising

Little Rock — Pulaski Academy — Sarah Bingham, Sports Action Photo


Sedona — Sedona Red Rock High School — Haley Davis, Student Life Photo; Morgan Clark, People; Shane Chambers, Clubs and Organizations Photo


Redlands — Arrowhead Christian Academy — Chandler Stier, People, Sports; Christian Davis, Sports Action Photo; Collin Callahan, Photo Illustration, Sports Action Photo*, Academic Photo, Student Life Photo; Erin Barents, Index*; Haley Mulder, Academics*; Jake Naman, Sports Action Photo; Jillian Bradford, Academics, People*, Student Life*; Katie DeVore, Academics, Personality Profile*; Michael Veloz, Academic Photo; Anna Koning, Advertising; Christian Davis, Academic Photo, Feature Photo, Personality Profile; Heather Ishida, Personality Profile; Jake Naman, Student Life Photo; Libby Quanstrom, Graphic Design; Megan Reade, Clubs and Organizations Photo*; Miranda Brown, Theme Development*

Rocklin — Whitney High School — Amanda Peterson, Theme Development

Saugus — Saugus High School — Danielle Sarff, Advertising; Jocelyn Dolder, Sports; Soleil Bordan, People; Tanner Wood, Index


Miami — Miami Palmetto Senior High — Ana Arroyo, Sports Action Photo;

Orlando — Boone High School — Shaylin Turner, Clubs and Organizations Photo; Taylor Keefer, Clubs and Organizations*; Oak Ridge High School — Alex Barbosa, Headline Writing and Design; Cynthia Lopez, Clubs and Organizations; Natacha Vincent, Sports; Sthevanie Lopez, Index, Theme Development

Oviedo — Hagerty High School — Amy Dickerson, Student Life; Taylor Fohr, Academics; Alyssa Latrobe, Advertising; Jaime Benedict, Personality Profiles

Windermere — Windermere Prep School — Jaclyn Ryan, Advertising*, Clubs and Organizations, Student Life Photo, Advertising


Dawson— Dawson County High School — Brittany Wadsworth, Graphic Design


Cambridge City — Lincoln High School — Ashley Miller, Academics; Kyle Neff, Theme Development; Victoria Vance, Academic Photo; William Redd, Student Life Photo#

North Manchester — Manchester Junior-Senior High School — Aaron Johnson, Theme Development; Rachel Brandenburg, Graphic Design


Cedar Rapids — John F. Kennedy High School — Lauren Boyer, Clubs and Organizations Photo#, Student Life Photo

Johnston — Johnston High School — Anna Lam, Feature Photo; Callie Coulter, Personality Profile; Clara Carlson, Clubs and Organizations Photo; Helen Lagerblade — Sports Action Photo; Lisa Friesth — Theme Development; Bonnie LePage, Headline Writing and Design; Jiahui Huang, Headline Writing and Design

Mount Vernon — Mount Vernon High School — Cassidy Steines, Clubs and Organizations Photo, Feature Photo

West Branch — West Branch High School — Lexi Luneckas, Academic Photo


Overland Park — Blue Valley Northwest High School — Jennifer Faucett, Headline Writing and Design; Katie Knutson, Clubs and Organizations Photo; Natalie Hawley, Caption Writing; Sara Hoffman, Clubs and Organizations Photo;

— Shawnee Mission North High School — Callie Byrnes, Personality Profile; Cassie Wilson, Clubs and Organizations, Personality Profile; Diane Calderon, Feature Photo*, Sports Action Photo, Student Life Photo; Jacob Wilson, Feature Photo; Jenny Warren, Advertising; Kristin Enyart, Caption Writing*, Graphic Design; Kylene Hammer, Academic Photo; Megan Alford, Academic Photo*, Olen Lipson, Academic Photo*, Feature Photo, Sports Action Photo; Sydney Studer, Index*; Taylor Gwin, Feature Photo; Tucker Love, Theme Development*

Prairie Village — Shawnee Mission East High School — Carolyn Welter, Personality Profile; Danielle Norton, Sports Action Photo; Helena Buchmann, People; Mary Sniezek, Index; Molly Halter, Sports Action Photo; Elizabeth Wilcox, Student Life; Ellie Jones, Graphic Design; Leslie Hamilton, Sports; Madi Lage, Headline Writing and Design; Nathalie Solger, Clubs and Organizations#; Sarah Horton, Advertising

Shawnee — Shawnee Mission Northwest High School — Aaron Messick, Sports Action Photo; Brady Klein, Headline Writing and Design*; Caleb Amundson, Graphic Design, Theme Development; Eric Zoellner, Sports; Mikala Compton, Student Life Photo; Nate Compton, Academic Photo, Sports Action Photo; Rachel Ferencz, Sports; Sarah Godke, Headline Writing and Design


Bowling Green — Bowling Green High School — Brooke Wilkinson, Sports Action Photo*


Sterling Heights — Stevenson High School — Armani Goudy, Academics; Christopher Holman, Graphic Design, Student Life Photo


Minneapolis — Minnehaha Academy — Alex Lindberg, Academic Photo*; Karl Hedlund, Sports Action Photo; Rachel Bartz, Academic Photo; Rachel Worthman, Student Life Photo; Grant Wielde, Sports Action Photo; Gabbi Stienstra, Photo;


Fenton — Rockwood Summit High School — Michelle Zigler, Student Life Photo*

Kansas City — Notre Dame de Sion High School — Alexandra Colyer, Graphic Design; Personality Profile^; Andrea Santa Maria, Headline Writing and Design*; Brittany Koppers, Sports*; Callan Bell, Feature Photo; Caroline Thompson, Academics; Claire Martin, Caption Writing*; Hannah Tutera, Clubs and Organizations Photo, Feature Photo; Jane McCormack, Theme Development; Jillian Nelson, Student Life Photo*; Lauren Ruiz, Caption Writing; Lucy Curfman, Academics; Mary Kate Kelly, Advertising; Meghan Gordon, Sports

Kirkwood — Kirkwood High School — Alex Bettag, Personality Profile; Cara Weinmann, Advertising; Katherine Pope, Personality Profile*; Leah Gamble, Clubs and Organizations; Maryanne Kiley, Personality Profile; Sally Pessin, Caption Writing; Sam Wolter, Personality Profile; Sophia Matthews, Student Life

Saint Charles — Francis Howell North High School — Alex Curry-Lipka, Theme Development; Allyson Rebhan, Personality Profile; Andrew Cline, Personality Profile, Photo Illustration; Brandon Neer, Sports Action Photo; Brianna Schroer, Graphic Design*, Photo Illustration*; Drake Kruep, Graphic Design; Fionna Cruz, Clubs and Organizations; Liz Leonard, Student Life; Morgan O’Neill, Advertising*; Olivia Gardner, Graphic Design; Sarah Creely, Photo Illustration

Springfield Glendale High School — Rachel Millsap, Clubs and Organizations, People


Reno — Reno High School — Katherine Bandy, Photo Illustration; Lauren Hoogs, Sports Action Photo; Lila Murphy, Academics; Mary Garcia, Advertising; Taylor Gadda, Academics


Tucumcari — Tucumcari High School — Isabel Herrera, Photo Illustration; Mary Trujillo, Clubs and Organizations Photo


Dix Hills — Half Hollow Hills High School West — Casey Merber, Student Life, People; Daniella Plasterer, Student Life; Matthew Rudin, People, Theme Development


Charlotte — Hickory Grove Baptist Christian School — Nicola Sink, Clubs and Organizations


Lexington — Lexington High School —Hannah Rinehardt, Clubs and Organizations; Megan Richwine, Sports Action Photo


Arlington — Martin High School — Garrett Hayslip, Clubs and Organizations Photo, Feature Photo; Jessie King, Academics

Austin — Westlake High School — Chris Bull, Feature Photo, Sports Action Photo, Student Life Photo; Connor Campbell, Theme Development; David Oliver, Student Life Photo; Olivia Cheney, Sports; Natalie Hayes, Sports

Beaumont — West Brook High School — Hannah Bender, Advertising; Lauren Rushing, Personality Profile

El Paso — El Dorado High School — Alejandra Flores, Academic Photo; Celeste Compean, People; Hector Silva, Advertising#; Jacob Gardea, Academic Photo; Victoria Compean, Sports Action Photo

Houston — Cypress Creek High School — Clara Cogswell, Academic Photo; Emmaleigh Kercsmar, Academic Photo; Joy Atkinson, Index; Megan McGrath, Theme Development;

— Cypress Falls High School — Amy Cunningham, Clubs and Organizations Photo, Feature Photo#, Sports Action Photo;

— Jersey Village High School — Cameron Korenek, Advertising; Christin Ong, Feature Photo; Lauren Ancell, Academics; Peyton Smith, Academics;

— Summer Creek High School — Krysten Barnes, Personality Profile

McKinney   McKinney High School — Jackie Harrison, Academics; Michael Babich, Index,  Daniel Oleson, Sports Action Photo, Elliot Parkman, Clubs and Organizations Photo; Gehrig Johnson, Feature Photo; Gunnar Lund, Feature Photo; Lauren Frazier, Advertising; Quinn Murray, Sports*, Student Life, Personality Profile# ; Rachel Proctor, Feature Photo; Sawyer Erickson, Theme Development; Shelby Tauber, Academic Photo, Feature Photo, Sports Action Photo

White Oak — White Oak High School — Austin Jordan, Caption Writing, Sports; Cory Evers, Sports; Donald Griffin, Headline Writing and Design; Elizabeth Horne, Graphic Design*#, Index, Theme Development; Garrett Gill, Student Life Photo; Haley Holmes, Headline Writing and Design; Hannah Kutch, Feature Photo*; Lucy Johnson, Personality Profile; Stormie Wilburn, Clubs and Organizations Photo