Morale Booster

This activity is great for when the second semester doldrums hit.

When I taught returning students would ask when we were doing this activity and others said it was their favorite day of the year. Several students told me how they kept these and grabbed them when times were tough.

And for those wondering, yes teachers can participate too. We all need a little positivity now and then.


What you’ll need:



Pens or thin tipped markers


Step 1:

Students put their name at the top of the paper and then someone helps them tape the paper to their back.

Step 2:

Most years did not need a kindness reminder, but if your staff is a bit snarky, it might be great for an editor to remind students of the power of being positive and being inclusive.

Step 3:

Spend most of the class walking around and writing on each other’s back.

Step 4:

The big reveal: During the last five-10 minutes, stop and then let students read what people wrote about them.

You could also take photos of this and use them for promotional purposes like recruitment and just general “this is what we do” social media posts.



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