American Society of News Editors and
Quill and Scroll 2011 International
Writing and Photography Contest

GOLD KEYS and the opportunity to apply for college journalism scholarships were awarded to 279 writers and photographers in the American Society of News Editors and Quill and Scroll 2011 International Writing, Photography Contest.

A total of 3,248 entries were received for the 2011 contest (which includes 44 disqualified entries) in all 12 categories for a total of 220 entries selected as national winners and 277 individual student winners in all 12 categories.

Sweepstakes winners (except in the In-Depth Team category where each student will receive a special certificate) and the school will receive a plaque. All individual winners will receive a Gold Key.

Gold Key winners are eligible as seniors to apply for one of the Edward J. Nell or George and Ophelia Gallup Memorial Scholarships in Journalism.

The professional journalists who served as judges remarked about the high overall quality of the entries.

Available Fall 2011: The 2011 Writing and Photo Contest CD features images of winning entries in a PowerPoint presentation with commentary by H.L. Hall. To order the 2011 CD, or CDs from past years, download an order form, or contact Quill and Scroll for more information.

Sweepstakes Winners


Kirkwood High School
Kirkwood, MO


Redwood High School
Larkspur, CA


University High School
Chicago, IL


Francis Howell Central High School
St. Charles, MO


Allen High School


Huntley High School
Huntley, IL


Shawnee Mission East High School
Prairie Village, KS


Allen High School
Allen, TX


Cypress Creek High School
Houston, TX



Cypress Creek High School

Houston, TX


Iowa City West High School
Iowa City, IA


Carmel High School
Carmel, IN

National Winners

[*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]


Tuscaloosa- Northridge High School – Anu Pandit, General Columns


Bryant- Bryant High Schoool – Kory Sexton, Review Columns; Rachel Tucker, General Columns; Cody Elmore, Editorial
Fort Smith – Southside High School – Irvin Martinez, Advertisement


Phoenix – Brophy College Preparatory – Eric Villanueva, News Story; Ben Jackson, Photography Sports; Thunderbird High School – Katie Binkley, Editorial; Miranda Motsinger, Editorial
Tucson – Salpointe Catholic High School – Sean Logan, Photography Sports; Zoe Urcadez, Editorial Cartoon


Castro Valley – Castro Valley High School – Nic Barradas, News Story; Alicia Harger, General Columns
Granite Bay – Granite Bay High School – Justin Shiiba, Review Columns; Parker Evans, Advertisement#; Monica Hower, News Story; Joseph Mullen, In-Depth Reporting Individual
Huntington Park – Huntington Park High School – Vanessa Pacheco, Editorial Cartoon
Lafayette – Acalanes High School – Jessica Zischke, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Natalie Chan, Photography News/Feature; Michelle Robertson, General Columns; Lucas Levine, Sports Story#; Katie Mitroff, Editorial Cartoon
Larkspur – Redwood High School – Katya Linehan, Editorial Cartoon*; Ben Damon, Review Columns; Grayson Cameron, Features; Samantha Leeds, News Story; Ben Breuner, In-Depth Reporting Team; Michael Weinstein, In-Depth Reporting Team; Michael Weinstein, General Columns; Lauren Mahaney, Sports Story; Camilly Pereira, Editorial Cartoon; Alex Bailey, Editorial Cartoon; Paris Gravley, Editorial
Los Angeles – Loyola High School – Kyle Houge, Sports Story; Shalhevet High School – Leila Miller, News; Emilie Benyowitz, Photography News/Feature; Rachel Lester, Feature, In-Depth Individual; Jenny Newman, General Column
San Jose – The Harker School – Michelle Deng, Editorial Cartoon
Ventura – Foothill Technology High School – Anaika Miller, News Story;


Grand Junction – Grand Junction High School – Chelsea Shettler, Editorial Cartoon
Highlands Ranch – Mountain Vista High School – Jordan Laeyendecker, Advertisement; Amy Markowski, Photography News/Feature


Stamford – Westhill High School – Alexandra Glenges, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jackie Schechter, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Annie Cohen, Sports Story; Mallory Hart, In-Depth Reporting Team; Daniela Rumbva, In-Depth Reporting Team; Katie Zabronsky, In-Depth Reporting Team; Eden Castle, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sydney Olshan, In-Depth Reporting Team; Zach Eisen, In-Depth Reporting Team


Cape Coral – Cape Coral High School – Julia Giardina, Features; Taylor Welling, News Story
Orlando – William R. Boone High School – Sara Casler, Review Columns; Catherine Porter, Editorial


Atlanta – Henry W. Grady High School – Alex Page, Features; LeJoi Lane, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sam Weinstock, Features, In-Depth Reporting Team; Daniel Wilco, Photography Sports; Emma Powers, Editorial Cartoon
Peachtree – McIntosh High School – Brooks Davis, Editorial


Chicago – University High School – Nicholas Chaskin, News Story*; Rafi Khan, News Story, Editorial; Wayne Brasler, Editorial Cartoon
Deerfield – Deerfield High School – Alec Weine, Sports Story
Huntley – Huntley High School – Seth Boster, Features*, News Story; Bailey Poczos, Features; Sydney Hellgeth, Editorial Cartoon; Amanda Svoboda, Editorial;
Maple Park – Kaneland High School – Noelle Goodine, Review Columns
Normal – Normal Community High School – Katie Beckner, General Columns
Palatine – William Fremd High School – Elise Dirkes-Jacks, General Columns; John Rizner, Editorial Cartoon#
Sparta – Sparta High School – Amber Joiner, Editorial Cartoon
West Chicago – Community High School – Kristina Manibo, Review Columns


  • Carmel – Carmel High School – Connor Gordon, Photography Sports; Victor Xu, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Henry Zhu, In-Depth Reporting Individual; Charlie Browning, Sports Story*; James Benedict, Sports Story; Rebecca Xu, Editorial Cartoon; Blaine Herbst, Editorial Cartoon;


  • Cedar Rapids – John F. Kennedy High School – Alex Busbee, Sports Story
  • Davenport – Davenport West – Krista Johnson, In-Depth Reporting Team; Andi Holdt, In-Depth Reporting Team
  • Iowa City – City High School – Nora Holman, Editorial Cartoon; Carl Sessions, Editorial; Harrison Burke, Editorial; Iowa City West High School – Emily Kreiter, Features; Alissa Rothman, Features; Elizabeth Lin, Advertisement*; Garrett Anstreicher, General Columns
  • Johnston – Johnston High School – Michael Knoedel, Editorial; Lauren Coffey, Editorial
  • Pleasant Hill – Southeast Polk High School – Whitney Blakemore, Features; Emily Hart, Editorial Cartoon;
  • West Branch – West Branch High School – Sarah Fischer, News Story, General Columns


  • Prairie Village – Shawnee Mission East High School – Bob Martin, Review Columns; Alex Lamb, Review Columns#; Emma Pennington, Features; Kevin Simpson, Features; Logan Heley, News Story; Grant Heinlein, Photography Sports, Photography News/Feature; Samantha Bartow, Photography Sports; Kat Buchanan, General Columns*; Corbin Barnds, Sports Story
    Shawnee – Shawnee Mission Northwest High School – Maria Davison, Features; Brianna Leyden, Features; Andy Wickoren, Photography News/Feature; Michelle Stuessi, Photogaphy News/ Feature
    Stilwell – Blue Valley High School – Allison Kohn, Editorial; Katie Louis, News Story; Sara Naatz, Advertisement ; Olivia Roudebush, Photography Sports; Maegan Kabel, Photography News/Feature; Ryan O’Toole, General Columns;


  • Louisville – Assumption – Meredith Francis, Editorial


  • Bel Air – John Carroll School – Jenny Hottle, News Story
  • Bethesda – Walter Johnson High School – Ali Jawetz, News Story; Sasha Tycko, Advertisement
    Rockville – Rockville High School – Samantha Cooney, Editorial


  • Kingston – Sacred Heart High School – Jeffrey Whitney, Review Columns; Andrew Kenney, Review Columns; Courtney Buohl, News Story; Blaire Townshend, Editorial


  • Grosse Point Farms – Grosse Point South High School – Katie Riddle, Features; DeMarco Havard, Photography News/Feature; Chris Flanagan, Sports Story; Annie Gough; Editorial Cartoon
  • Southfield – Southfield High School – Rashad Timmons, Features
  • Utica – Utica High School – Connie Gao, Editorial Cartoon; Meg Cole, General Columns


  • Minneapolis – Minnehaha Academy – Cristina Anfang, Photography Sports; Brigid Kelly, In-Depth Reporting Individual, Sports Story; Nicole Nipper, Sports Story


  • Fenton – Rockwood Summit High School – Morgan Stache, Features; Emily Rice, Editorial Cartoon
    Kansas City – Notre Dame de Sion High School – Caroline Nolte, Editorial; Anne-Marie Albracht, Features; Katie Mahoney, News Story
    Kirkwood – Kirkwood High School – Nikko Gianino, Features; Maggie Teson, Features; Jared Kurth, News Story; Claire Salzman, Editorial*
    St. Charles – Francis Howell Central High School – Jessica DiMariano, Photography Sports; Kelci Davis, Photography News/Feature*, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ted Noelker, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Cory Schmitt, In-Depth Reporting Team; Francis Howell North High School – Logan Ponche, Features, In-Depth Reporting Team#, Sports Story; Kelsey Bell, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Lydia Ness, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Chelsey Damalas, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Abby West, In-Depth Reporting Team; Olivia Ong, In-Depth Reporting Team; Paige Yungermann, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Kevin Beerman, In-Depth Reporting Team;
  • Wildwood – Lafayette High School – Caleb Cavarretta, Editorial


  • Hendersonville – West Henderson High School – Ashley Heywood, Features; Katie King, News Story; Camen Royse, Sports Story


  • Bellevue – Bellevue West High School – Sydney Zuelke, Review Columns; Brianne Rose, News Story; Brittany Marvin, Editorial Cartoon;


  • Las Vegas – Centennial High School – Shelby Ashbaugh, Photography Sports


  • Wall Township – Communications High School – Jackie Tempera, Features; Priscilla Wu, Editorial Cartoon;


  • Commack – Commack High School – Melissa Coates, News Story
  • Hewlett – GW Hewlett High School – David Kaufman, General Columns


      – Findlay High School – Michaela Marincic, News Story; Lydia Bauler, Features; John Sisser, General Columns, Editorial; Taylor McGonnell, Photography News/Feature; Lexi Perrault, Sports Story; Autumn Simmermeyer, Editorial Cartoon;

Liberty Township

    – Lakota East High School – Eric Muenchen, Photography Sports; Dan Turner, Advertisement; Rachel Podnar, In-Depth Reporting Individual, In-Depth Reporting Team; Zach Armstrong, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jeff Cargill, In-Depth Reporting Team; Alyssa Davis, In-Depth Reporting Team#; Megan Fogel, In-Depth Reporting Team; Tyler Kieslich, In-Depth Reporting Team; Christina Wilkerson, In-Depth Reporting Team; Brittany Bennett, In-Depth Reporting Team; Mason Hood, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sean Lewis, In-Depth Reporting Team; Shivang Patel, In-Depth Reporting Team; Faiz Siddiqui, In-Depth Reporting Team, Editorial; Devin Casey, Sports Story; Tommy Behan, Editorial Cartoon;


  • Lake Oswego – Lakeridge High School – Claire McKinney, Review Columns


  • Berwyn – Conestoga High School – Gabriela Epstein, Editorial Cartoon; Reshma Gouravajhala, General Columns


  • Brentwood – Brentwood High School – David McKinney, Sports Story


  • Allen – Allen High School – Juhie Modi, Review Columns*#; Megan Patoskie, Features; Elisabeth Dillon, Photography Sports*, In-Depth Reporting Individual
    Austin – Liberal Arts and Science Academy – Roger Cain, News Story; Westlake High School – Caroline Hunt, General Columns; Steven Campbell, Features; Barrett Wilson Photography, News/Feature; Anisha Ganguly, In-Depth Reporting Team; Alli Anderson, In-Depth Reporting Team; Haley Green, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jessee Haney, In-Depth Reporting Team; Lily Pipkin, In-Depth Reporting Team; Breck Spencer, In-Depth Reporting Team; Izzy de la Luz, In-Depth Reporting Team; George Abrahams Ochieng Oriwa, In-Depth Reporting Team; Lauren Nelson, In-Depth Reporting Team; Connor White, In-Depth Reporting Team; Matt Frank, In-Depth Reporting Team; Danielle Brown, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sofie Seiden, In-Depth Reporting Team; Zach Wasfi, In-Depth Reporting Team; Lizzie Friedman, In-Depth Reporting Team; Anna Macdonald, In-Depth Reporting Team; Helen Anderson, In-Depth Reporting Team; Hillary Hurst Sports, Story; Michelle Ling, Editorial Cartoon; Hetty Borinstein, Editorial
    Buffalo – Buffalo High School – Kelsey Fahler, Editorial
    Duncanville – Duncanville High School – Heather Butler, Photography News/Feature; John Davila, Sports Story;
    El Paso – Franklin High School – Oscar Ruiz, Editorial Cartoon; Amanda Rodriguez, Editorial; Nicholas Zebrowski, Editorial
    Houston – Cypress Creek High School – Bianca Baymon, Review Columns; Ashe Matocha, General Columns; Jersey Village High School – Emily Whittemore, General Columns; Christine Nguyen, In-Depth Reporting Individual*, In-Depth Reporting Team; Wynne Davis, In-Depth Reporting Team*; Cymone Grimes, In-Depth Reporting Team*, Editorial Cartoon#; Samantha Casas, In-Depth Reporting Team*; Summer Creek High School – Kristina Onwumere, Features
    San Antonio – San Antonio Christian High School – Alicia Guerrero, In-Depth Reporting Team; Sarah Mercer, In-Depth Reporting Team; Ben Jones, In-Depth Reporting Team; Jennifer Lewis, In-Depth Reporting Team; Andrew Matalon, In-Depth Reporting Team; Molly Mitchell, In-Depth Reporting Team; Courtney Odell, In-Depth Reporting Team; Josh Ramseur, Editorial; Mary Thames, Editorial Cartoon


  • Alexandria – Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology – Rabia Idrees, News Story ; Akshay Seth, General Columns; Tara Gupta, Editorial Cartoon#;
  • King George – King George High School – Breanna Hamilton, News Story
  • Stafford – Mountain View High School – Maddie Dufrane, General Columns


  • Renton – Renton High School – Olivia Fry, Photography News/Feature; Ajane Burnley, In-Depth Reporting Individual

[*Sweepstakes Winner, #Double Winner in a category, ^Triple Winner in a category]