Currently enrolled middle and junior high school students are invited to enter the International Writing and Photo Contest for Middle/Junior High School. Sweepstakes and National awards are presented in each of the three divisions. Click here to find out more about the High School Writing and Photo Contest!


Rules and Regulations:

1. Deadline – Entries must be mailed first class USPS and postmarked no later than Feb. 6, 2017. Entries should be mailed to: Quill and Scroll Junior/Middle School Writing and Photo Contest, E346 Adler Journalism Bldg., Iowa City, IA 52242-2004.
2. Entry fee is $2 per entry – a maximum $24 fee. Entries not accompanied by the school entry form and entry fee will be disqualified.
3. Each entry must have been published in a school or professional newspaper, news magazine or online between Feb. 1, 2016 and Feb. 1, 2017, and must be the work of a currently enrolled middle or junior high school student in grades 5 through 9. Each entry must be the work of one student only.
4. Each school is limited to four entries per division. One student may submit any or all of the school’s allotted entries.
5. Submit the complete page or print of the Web page on which the entry appears. Clearly identify the entry to be judged on the Student Entry Form. DO NOT mark on the newspaper/news magazine/Web page. If two entries are on the same page, submit a complete tear sheet for each entry. WE ENCOURAGE PHOTOGRAPHY ENTRANTS TO ALSO SUBMIT ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS.
6. Staple the official student entry form (or a copy) to each entry. Entries improperly identified will be disqualified without notification.
7. All winning entries are automatically eligible for the 2017 Quill and Scroll Sweepstakes Award in the Middle/Junior High School divisions. Sweepstakes winners will receive mounted certificates. National winners will receive certificates. All entries become the property of Quill and Scroll Society and will not be returned. We reserve the right to use entries in Quill & Scroll magazine and in other media. Only winners will be notified.

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